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Parents Accuse This Ultrasound Clinic Of Recycling Images

Police say a technical glitch was to blame and are not laying charges.

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People are furious with a Canadian ultrasound clinic they accuse of selling identical 3D scans to different sets of parents.

The Babyview 3D Parental Imaging in Pickering, Ontario, is facing at least a dozen accusations from parents who say they were ripped off.

It all started when Jenn Cusimano, from nearby Oshawa, posted her 3D ultrasound photos to a Facebook group of women who are all due in September of this year. That's where another woman in the group noticed that her baby's ultrasound looked identical.

Jenn Cusimano / Via Facebook: jenn.cusimano

"I am LIVID!" Cusimano said on Facebook.

Before long, others came forward with what appeared to be recycled ultrasound images from the same clinic.

Mothers who joined a group to compare photos have also noticed a striking similarity between their baby scans and stock photos posted on the clinic's website as examples of what a fetus will look like in a 3D scan at various points of gestation.


Babyview initially blamed a computer virus when contacted by CTV News. On Wednesday, though, the clinic said a "technical issue with the printing services" caused the repeating images.

Facebook: permalink.php

Babyview has offered to do rescans or to give people refunds. The packages listed on the clinic's website for 3D scans range in price from $130 to $350.

BuzzFeed Canada reached out to the Babyview clinic by phone and email, but did not receive a response.

Louise Thompson, also from Oshawa, paid for these two 3D scans and a teddy bear that is supposed to play a recording of the heartbeat. But Thompson said she now knows the images are not of her baby, and she doubts the heartbeat too.

Louise Thompson

"My husband and I questioned it at the time of purchase because when the ultrasound tech recorded the heartbeat in front of us it was very faint and inaudible," she said.

Thompson said Babyview offered her a partial refund — $50 — for a package that cost her more than $200.

Multiple parents who spoke to BuzzFeed Canada said they want the clinic closed.

"Criminal charges would be even better," said Thompson. "It's sick that they are taking advantage of people during such an intimate experience. Some of these people have lost other babies or had fertility issues and this company has soiled these memories for money."


Durham Regional Police said this week that a technical issue was blame and that "investigators do not anticipate laying any charges" in the case.

"A computer error led to the wrong photos being issued with the purchased packages and investigators found no signs of criminal intent," police said in a news release. "This investigation is now closed."

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