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    This Guy Celebrated Getting A Vasectomy With A Photo Shoot

    "Now I'm 31, and I know it's the right decision for me."

    This is Andy Prosserman. He was so excited about getting a vasectomy this year that he did an absurd photo shoot to mark the occasion.

    Angelina Coccimiglio

    Prosserman lives in Toronto and co-owns a boutique sex shop with a focus on BDSM. He told BuzzFeed News that he's always been pretty sure he doesn't want children, and getting a vasectomy has been on his to-do list for ages.

    "I had thought about getting one in my early 20s and I was like 90% sure I didn't want kids, but I also recognized that I was probably too young to confidently make that decision," he said. "Now I'm 31, and I know it's the right decision for me."

    Here's Prosserman showing off some of the things he can continue to enjoy without worrying about how it will affect his offspring.

    Angelina Coccimiglio

    "My passport represents the freedom I have to travel to my heart's content," he said. "The Nintendo controllers represent my ability to play video games like a teenager to my heart's content, and — booze. That one's self-explanatory."

    Prosserman said he wanted his photos to be in the style of cliche post-baby photos many people upload to Facebook, but he said he's not making fun of the parents.

    "All those people just had a baby, and that's dope. That's a huge deal and they should be excited!" he said. "But I got my vas deferens cauterized, and I think that's also pretty dope."

    Prosserman got his vasectomy in September. "The procedure took about 15 minutes, and I didn't feel a thing," he said. "We literally chatted about our summers while [the surgeon] snipped my vas deferens."

    Angelina Coccimiglio

    He stressed that while it was all pretty straightforward for him, he wants permanent birth control methods to be more easily available for everyone, especially women.

    "I have a few female friends who have been denied even a conversation about tubal ligation for years, and many more have echoed similar stories when I posted about my experience online," Prosserman said.

    The Toronto Star, which was first to report on Prosserman's photos, also highlighted the difficulty many women face when seeking medical information.

    "We as a society need to trust women, and we need to stop trying to control what they can and can't do with their own bodies," said Prosserman.

    Prosserman said the theme of his photos was "freedom of choice."

    Courtney Brunet

    "And when I say freedom, I mean that in the most shallow, most privileged way possible," he added.

    "I think that's an important distinction, because there are real issues of oppression around the world; I don't think too many people fought for my ability to fuck without a condom."

    And while Prosserman won't have any lil' ones running around, he'll still have company. "The cat is my true baby right there," he said. "He's all I need."

    Courtney Brunet

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