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    For Only $80, You Can Attend A Stag Party With Rob And Doug Ford

    "Anyone can come."

    Toronto's most famous political family is having a party — and you're invited!

    On Friday, former Toronto mayor and current city councillor Rob Ford tweeted an invitation to a stag party in honour of his neice's fiancé. Anyone who wants to attend the big bash can show up. Tickets are $80.

    Very proud of my niece Krista, getting married in a few short weeks! Hope to see some of you at her fiancé's stag

    Krista is the daughter of Doug Ford, who is also a former Toronto city councillor and potential future prime minister. The stag party is in honour of Krista's soon-to-be husband Dave Haynes and takes place Oct. 1.

    The number listed on the event poster is Doug Ford's personal cell phone number, and he was only too happy to answer BuzzFeed Canada's questions when we called.

    Mark Blinch / Reuters

    Speaking from Chicago, Ford said his family had "hundreds of thousands" of supporters and opening the event up to the public was the best way to let them in on the fun.

    "We don't want to insult anyone by leaving them out," he said.

    "Anyone can come."

    Although $80 to party with the Ford family might be too steep for some, it's scheduled only one day before the family's latest Ford Fest, a free semi-annual barbecue open to the public.

    Doug Ford didn't have any firm numbers on how many people he was expecting, but he said Ford Fest regularly draws between 5,000 and 10,000 attendees.

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