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This Woman's Cable Box Showed Porn On CNN — Then It Became This Whole Big Thing

Despite news reports to the contrary, it appears the porn glitch only affected one person in Boston.

A woman in Boston who tried to watch CNN on Thanksgiving says her cable box showed her hardcore porn instead.

Rose's cable provider RCN said it had gotten no other reports of "the programming issue" with CNN.

@solikearose 800-746-4726. We have not had any reports of the programming issue you mentioned on CNN in Boston. If you're still having an

A BuzzFeed News search on Twitter also did not reveal any other Boston TV viewers who'd reported seeing porn on their CNN feeds.

"We have not had any other reports of this incident other than this single customer's tweet," Jeff Carlson, the general manager of RCN Boston, told BuzzFeed News.

A CNN spokesperson also told BuzzFeed News that there was "no interruption" of its programming in the Boston area.

But soon enough, the story had gone viral, along with the notion that it was a widespread problem affecting "viewers in Boston."

Dozens of news outlets including Variety, the New York Post, and Esquire ran with it. Their stories were shared thousands of times on Facebook and Twitter.

Rose insists she didn't make the story up. She sent BuzzFeed News several more photos of what she said was showing on her TV instead of CNN's scheduled programming.

So, while there seems to have been a weird glitch that affected one person's cable box, it really didn't go beyond that.