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How Amazing Is This SUSPENSE?!!

This book is the best suspense you will read! If you aren't addicted to a book as yet, now you will be.

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Cass Anderson (who is the main character of the book) takes a scary shortcut that goes through the wood during a storm at night even though she is warned to not do so by her husband, Matthew. When she takes that road during the heavy rains, she sees the rear lights of a car in front of her; she turns and glares angrily at the driver, ready to yell at him for not putting the warning lights on. But a woman looks back at Cass, her features are blurred by the teeming rain. She thinks the car has broken down so goes a little in front of her and stops, leaving the engine on. Cass thinks the lady needs help but she isn't asking for it at all so Cass does what I would have done- she drives off.


The next day, Cass hears on the news that the lady was brutally murdered and just the thought that the killer could have been around and she could have helped the lady inside the car maybe because she WAS STILL ALIVE the time her car passed. Some more pages and you later come to know that Cass knew the lady who passed away and was supposed to meet her family (husband and twins) that week itself. Her name was Jane Walters and Cass met her at a party and bonded really well after a long conversation. Cass was looking forward to being great friends with her but I guess that can't happen anymore.....

Short Term Memory Loss

Let's be real- It is so irritating about how Cass keeps forgetting important stuff and then she doesn't have the guts to go back and ask the person what it is that she is forgetting. She forgets some real important stuff which does influence a lot of the story, writing, and chapters.


She calls the alarm guy to her place (the reason is obvious) and she doesn't ask for any proof or identity card (plus Matthew isn't at home so it is scary for Cass) and lets him examine the house. When she realises her mistake, she tells him she has changed her mind but he examines a bit more, leaves a pamphlet for Matthew to check as well and leaves. She feels happy that she is safe but then she goes up and sees the windows open when she had closed them right before the alarm man came. The thought: what if he left it open to come back in? scares and Cass. Later on, she even experiences this event when she realises that isnt alone at home when she hears some creepy sounds but thankfully she texts Matthew right in time so they are safe. Plus- don't worry, she closed the window.


There are so many crazy things that happen that give you the chills but I cannot tell you all of it but I can tell you to please buy this book so your life becomes better than it is already.

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