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    23 Reasons Why You Should Reconsider Supporting And Celebrating The Melbourne Cup

    "It's time to say no to the normalisation and glorification of animal cruelty, gambling and alcoholism."


    It's my birthday today. Unfortunately, I am sharing it with the Melbourne Cup: a day when the nation celebrates animal cruelty, gambling, excessive drinking and capitalism 😔 #NuptotheCup

    Twitter: @ImaGenXer


    No to torturing animals for entertainment. No to the gambling industry’s profits from addiction. #NuptotheCup

    Twitter: @nick__nobody


    Dear @mjrowland68, cc @BreakfastNews, I remember #MelbourneCup sweeps growing up as a kid. All very exciting. Now I see it as a crass celebration of animal cruelty and gambling. #NupToTheCup

    Twitter: @PeterWMurphy1


    It’s Time to say no to the normalisation and glorification of animal cruelty, gambling and alcoholism. #NuptotheCup

    Twitter: @tchbastard


    I admit, I used to enjoy a bet, I even had an account. And I always had a bet on the Melbourne Cup. But when I understood the cruelty involved & saw a number of horses dead because of the Cup I realised we’re all better than this. Have some 21st century fun instead. #NuptotheCup

    Twitter: @FlickReynolds


    Q: What do you get when you mix bogans, booze, barbaric animal cruelty and way too much cocaine? A: The Melbourne Cup. Keep the bogans, coke and booze, couldn't care less, but while animals are involved, I say #NuptotheCup.

    Twitter: @PRGuy17


    Just a boy taking in that sweet sweet smell of freedom. Life is just so good being loved for who you are, not how much gambling money you make for others. Can’t wait for the day all doggos and horses know this feeling. 🐴💙🐶 #nuptothecup

    Twitter: @BluetheGreyt


    So, with the #MelbourneCup happening tomorrow, if you're planning on watching or placing a bet on the horses, consider not just the millions of human lives gambling ruins, but the abuse and slaughter of horses (and hounds) rife in the racing industry. #NuptotheCup

    Twitter: @AustinPSheehan


    With the Melbourne cup coming up this is just a reminder that if you get joy out of extravagant outfits and excessive whipping that fetish clubs exist Save a horse, beat a masochist

    Twitter: @faust__666


    To be honest, I am increasingly conflicted about the Melbourne Cup. Yes, it's huge event (and God knows Melbourne needs them at the moment). But I can't overlook the fact 7 horses have died on Cup day since 2013. That really doesn't sit easily with me. Genuinely torn.

    Twitter: @mjrowland68


    Times are changing and more and more people are realising just how cruel and barbaric horse racing is. Attendances at races are at all all-time low, and #NupToTheCup events are being embraced in workplaces and across communities. And this is why.

    Twitter: @MarkPearsonMP


    From my perspective, the Melbourne Cup involves binge drinking, gambling and animal cruelty. That’s why I #SayNupToTheCup. I think humans are smart enough to come up with an entertainment event that brings in revenue to state coffers that doesn’t involve hurt and suffering.

    Twitter: @simile_d


    Twitter: @csestajacobs


    Surely we can come up with a celebratory event that doesn’t involve an animals or animals dying #NuptotheCup

    Twitter: @toninicho


    How a person treats an animal- or allows an animal to be treated- is a measure of that person. Ban the whip. Say nup to the Cup. #NuptotheCup

    Twitter: @kylie_ladd


    I feel sick to my stomach each & every first Tuesday in November. Who will make it through.. @MlcHurst Recent deaths on Melbourne Cup Day Verema Admire Rakt Araldo Red Cadeaux Regal Monarch Cliffsofmoher Anthony Van Dyke Open your eyes #NuptotheCup

    Twitter: @animaljusticeAU


    I know I’m getting in early on this but: ✨ fuck the Melbourne cup ✨ fuck horse racing ✨ fuck animal cruelty as a reason to get drunk

    Twitter: @Joanwestenberg


    Just a reminder that people don’t need to be vegan to be anti Melbourne cup. The animal cruelty is one thing but the rise in DV cases and gambling as an addiction are issues that can concern anyone. Also, someone eating meat doesn’t mean they can’t empathise about the cruelty!!!

    Twitter: @shirazkrisanne


    I love everything about Melbourne Cup Day except the racing. Cant we just have a day dedicated to getting absolutely shitfaced while wearing a nice hat but that also doesn't involve animal cruelty?

    Twitter: @carly_solstice


    Oh, forgot to say… Fuck Melbourne cup. Fuck horse racing. Fuck animal cruelty.

    Twitter: @daxmelbourne


    Bad things about the #MelbourneCup - animal cruelty - dead horses - gambling - alcohol excess and waste - significant rise in #domesticviolence Good things* - um 😶 *only apply to gambling companies Be civilised - say #NuptotheCup 🐴💙 @AnimalsAus

    Twitter: @duskywhalerkate


    It’s state sanctioned, corporate sponsored animal cruelty and gambling masquerading as entertainment! Anyone who supports the Melbourne Cup, or any animal racing *in any way is 💯% complicit in the abuse of these animals, and the harm that gambling causes. Period! #NupToTheCup

    Twitter: @elee_bella


    Oh, I just remembered tomorrow is that really stupid day where a bunch of you people spend your money gambling your privilege on the cruelty of horse whipping in the hope of making a quick buck. The Melbourne Cup is garbage bin juice, and you know it. Don't participate.

    Twitter: @CosmicRami

    This year, instead of putting your money on a Melbourne Cup bet, consider donating to save the lives of horses destined for slaughter through the Save A Horse charity or adding your signature to support a proposed bill to protect racehorses.