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    "Total Drama Island" Is One Of The Best Cartoons Ever And I Won't Accept Anything Otherwise

    🎵 "Na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na...I wanna be FAMOUS." 🎵

    Alright, folks. Strap yourselves in, because I'm here to take you on a nostalgic journey and remind you about one of the best cartoons to exist — Total Drama Island.

    Featuring 22 campers in an elimination-based competition taking place in Camp Wawanakwa — a rundown island full of bears, bugs and that random, but iconic seagull — the show was basically a Canadian parody of Survivor.

    Oh, and let's not forget about the spin-offs, like Total Drama Action, Total Drama World Tour and Total Drama: Revenge of the Island, which paid tribute to other popular reality TV shows.

    But back to Total Drama Island, this cartoon was comedic gold. It had that perfect balance of humour that not only appealed to kids, but teenagers like me who caught wind of those ~adult~ innuendos the writers sneaked in.

    By far, the best part of the show was the characters. Even though there was a large group, each and every one of them was memorable in their own way. Like, who could ever forget Chris McLean's iconic intro at the beginning of each episode.

    “I’m your host, Chris Mclean....Welcome to today’s episode of Total...Drama...ISLAND!”

    Ditto him saying "not cool dudes" and "never, never, never, ever, ever, ever, come back, ever" during the team eliminations.

    Or the absolute bonkers character that was Chef Hatchet and his VERY muscular neck.

    Look, let's be honest — the characters were stereotypical, but that's what made them all so relatable. We all knew a queen bee that got on everyone's nerves like Heather, a cool, surfer dude like Geoff, a teacher's pet like Courtney or a sassy and outspoken queen like Leshawna.

    And since the characters were already kind of familiar, it made it much easier to get invested in all the romances, alliances, back-stabbing and, most important of all, the eliminations.

    10 year old me when my favorite Total Drama Island character got eliminated

    Accurate footage of me reacting to my fave leaving.

    Being a teen while watching this, I definitely dreamed of being on either the Screaming Gophers or the Killer Bass.

    And, of course I jammed out to the theme song — that shit was catchy AF.

    Basically, what I'm saying is that Total Drama Island is the best cartoon show that everyone has forgotten about. It's totally underrated, totally slaps to this day and deserves all the awards.

    Although, I'm still mad about how the writers did us dirty by allowing Owen to reach the top two. That, I will never agree with, because I was rooting for my smart and talented goth queen, Gwen, to take out the top prize.

    Anyway, if you haven't already, watch Total Drama Island.

    why do they even bother making tv shows when season one of total drama island exists. they cannot compete