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    27 "Daria" Moments That Are 100% Quotable For Any Situation

    ♫ You’re standing on my neck. ♫

    1. When your parents ask why you spend so much time in your room.

    2. When someone bugs you about your ~unhealthy~ food choices.

    3. When a random guy tries his terrible bullshit on you.

    4. When someone tells you to "be more like a girl".

    5. When your friend needs to be reminded of how amazing they are.

    6. When someone dares to question your style choices.

    7. Or why your personality isn't like everyone else's.

    8. When you're surrounded by overly enthusiastic people first thing in the morning.

    9. When your family asks what you're going to do with your life.

    10. When someone, most likely a man, asks you to smile more.

    11. When someone asks you how things are going.

    12. When you're persuaded to be more sociable, but end up regretting everything.

    13. When someone asks if you've finished that assignment yet.

    14. When you need to double check if someone actually likes you.

    15. When you hear someone complaining about a problem that can be easily fixed.

    16. When you just need to escape from everything for a little bit.

    17. When your family asks you how school is going.

    18. When you scroll through your Twitter or Facebook feed.

    19. When you're applying for jobs and no one is responding to your applications.

    20. When someone asks what you feel like doing on the weekend.

    21. When you're feeling slightly cynical about the world and societal expectations.

    22. When some tea-lover questions your caffeine addiction.

    23. When someone bothers you while you're reading a really good book.

    24. When you sabotage something that could have been great because you got too lazy.

    25. When someone asks what you did during your holidays.

    26. When your friends are all in relationships and try to convince you to "meet new people".

    27. And finally, when someone asks you for some really important advice.