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29 Things Every Cotton On Employee Has Experienced At Least Once

Nothing will ever beat that sweet staff discount.

1. You would constantly use the staff discount to supplement your growing wardrobe.


That 50% discount was a God send. 🙏🏽

2. And you'd spend your break trying on all the latest clothes.

Comedy Central

The store basically turned into your own fashion show.

3. The stress of having 15 minutes to calculate the day's budget, count the tills and tidy up any mess during opening shifts haunts you.

@amy_lennox / Via

And don't get me started on those customers who would tap on the door if you weren't open on time.

4. Plus if your shift lasted until the end of the day, that meant having to vacuum the entire store.

20th Century Fox

This was 10 times worse if the store floor was carpeted.

5. Dealing with rude, annoying customers was always the worst.



6. Especially the ones you caught trying to shoplift a bunch of clothes.


School kids were the most suspicious tbh. They always look so shifty carrying those massive backpacks.

7. Or the ones who came in last minute on a Thursday night and destroyed all the piles you had just tidied.


CAN YOU NOT???!!!!

8. When your area manager was visiting, you had to be on your best behaviour.


*Tries to do a million things at once while trying not to scream at any customers.*

9. Which meant greeting every single customer... / Dreamworks

...even if you knew they were going to reply with, "JUST LOOKING!"

10. And if you were by yourself, trying to unpack stock, work the tills and manage customers all at the same time.


It was honestly so stressful.

11. You would use your best retail voice when trying to sell charity items.

@the_eco_diaries / Via, @qldlovestypo / Via

Would you like to add a $2 bottle of water to your purchase to help support children in Uganda?

12. And became fiercely protective of the brand whenever someone tried to bad mouth it.

DHX Media / BuzzFeed

Seriously, buying a single tote bag helps provide THREE exercise books for school kids. How good is that?!

13. Even when the store was busy, you still found time to gossip with your co-worker.

And it was usually just bitching about THAT customer, you know.

14. Or if it was a slow day, you would just endlessly refold the t-shirt or undies piles.

@cottononkidshornsby / Via, BuzzFeed

They looked good for about two minutes until a customer came and ruined them.

15. You never had a clue what sort of music was playing in the store, which made it kind of awkward when customers asked about particular songs.


It's a playlist that we have no control over. Please stop asking.

16. You were excited AF when you were finally trained to close the store.


Especially since you get paid a little extra!

17. That is until your tills didn't add up, even after you double checked them with the system a million times.


18. If you worked at the Body store, you slowly learned how to tell someone's bra size on sight.

BuzzFeed, @pixszn / Via Twitter: @pixszn

19. And you somehow managed to accidentally open up an occupied change room on more than one occasion.

TV One

I'm still embarrassed by the number of times I did this.

20. Even though it was smelly work, you often volunteered to go on a bin run to escape the madness of the store.


The bins were usually located on the basement level of a shopping centre and it smelled SO bad down there.

21. Ditto having to check for an item in the back whenever a customer asked.

22. Having to remember all the different promotions during a sale was slightly stressful.


Customer: Are these undies included in the 5 for $35 or are they part of the 3 for $10?

Me: UhhHHH, let me check with my manager.

23. You hated when customers only bought a $2 water bottle because it ruined your average sale amount.

@lovelysuncompany / Via

24. In December, all the Christmas casuals would start and you would desperately try to remember all their names.

Warner Bros

Most of the time you ended up just saying "!"

25. And as it got closer to Christmas, you never wanted to listen to the work holiday playlist again.

@erinskoog / Via Twitter: @erinskoog

Please, no more Mariah Carey or Michael Bublé. I beg of you.

26. Working during the sales period would start off fine, but by the end of your shift it would turn into a train wreck.

@thecottononcloset / Via

Moody customers, clothes pulled off hangers and an endless amount of returns with no receipts. Great.

27. And sometimes it would get so busy, you would forget to do the banking on time and freak out.


28. Even worse was being called up for an extra shift and then having it cancelled just as you arrived.


And chances are you didn't even want the shift in the first place. 😭

29. But at the end of the day, you worked with a great bunch of people and wouldn't trade your job for anything.

@hornsby_cottonon / Via
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