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    32 Pictures That Pretty Much Look EXACTLY Like Your '00s Childhood

    My brain hurts from all this nostalgia.

    1. Falling in love with your Poo-Chi because your parents wouldn't get you a real dog.

    Tiger Toys / Via

    2. Playing with your huge collection of Bratz dolls because you had a ~passion for fashion~.

    MGA Entertainment

    Not to mention watching all the movies that came out with every new collection.

    3. Decorating all your homemade birthday cards and school art projects with Rainbow Magic pens.

    Staffent Enterprises / Via

    4. Feeling extremely important because you had your own account on the home computer.

    Windows / Via

    And of course you changed your display picture to reflect your ~aesthetic~.

    5. Begging your parents for a Club Penguin membership so you could hang out with all of your friends.

    Club Penguin / Via, @ClubpenguinC6 / Via

    6. Collecting all the different Polly Pocket sets even though you already owned more than enough.

    Polly Pocket / Via Twitter: @kareeeenrv

    "Muuuuuuum, I know what I want for my birthday this year!!!"

    7. Checking in and seeing what's new on the streets of Neopia.

    Neopets Inc.

    8. And CONSTANTLY forgetting to feed your poor Neopets.

    Neopets Inc. / Via

    Sigh, looks like it's time to head to the Giant Omelette for some free food.

    9. Messing about on Kid Pix during your technology lessons at school.

    Riverdeep Interactive Learning

    Ah, my perfect masterpiece. *Clicks the bomb icon to blow everything up.*

    10. Getting excited for your school's annual Scholastic Book Fair.

    @_amanda_suzanne_ / Via

    11. Decking out your room with Bang On The Door merch because you were a ~groovy chick~.

    @LoveGroovyChick / Via Twitter: @LoveGroovyChick

    12. Shedding a tear when your beloved Tamagotchi died.

    @retro_sphere / Via


    13. Going to Blockbuster on a Friday night to rent a movie.

    @vrjki / Via, @tomblakey89 / Via

    14. Spending hours making scoobies to put on your key rings and backpacks.

    15. Having your future determined by the results of your friend's chatterbox.

    Michelle Rennex / BuzzFeed

    I'll live in a toilet but be married to Brad Pitt? Okay, I can deal with that.

    16. Signing in and out of MSN Messenger to attract the attention of your crush.

    Microsoft, @todd_e6 / Via

    Or you would nudge them ~accidentally~ to start a conversation.

    17. Thinking that distressed, flared jeans were THE most fashionable thing to exist.

    Evan Agostini / Getty Images

    18. Showing off your new flexible ruler and zip up pencil case at school.

    Helix / Via, Smiggle / Via

    Only the cool kids had these.

    19. Taking a peek at your book's library card to see who had borrowed before you.

    @hperecki / Via

    20. Uploading all your favourite songs to your iPod Nano.

    @garvin_toys / Via

    21. And then attempting to recreate this iconic ad with the dancing silhouettes.


    22. Buying phone charms to accessorise your flip phone.

    @norisia / Via

    23. Spending way too many hours playing flash games on sites like Newgrounds and Miniclip.

    Newgrounds / Via, @StephenBurchell / Via, Stick RPG / Via

    And if you were a ~rebellious~ kid, you would sneakily play On The Run and Stick RPG at school.

    24. Exploring the world of Runescape and having to mine iron and ore to make armour for your noob character.

    25. Making every decision based on a Yes/No rubber.

    @annieseddon / Via

    26. Playing the Windows pinball machine game when you had nothing better to do.


    27. Spending your entire weekend playing Cooking Mama, Nintendogs and Super Mario Bros on your Nintendo DS.

    @strawbunnyxd / Via

    28. Swapping Yu-Gi-Oh trading cards at school.

    @hc90spunx / Via

    It's time to d-d-d-d-d...DUEL.

    29. Annoying the hell out of your family because you insisted on wearing your Heelys everywhere.


    30. Signing your autograph on everyone's bear during graduation.

    31. Losing many hours of sleep trying to finish all the levels on The Simpsons: Hit and Run.


    32. And finally, collecting every single flavour of Lip Smacker you could get your hands on.

    Tumblr / We Heart It / Via

    Back in the day, there was no such thing as owning too many lip glosses.

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