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32 Cringeworthy Things That All '00s Kids Wore On Free Dress Day

The ultimate cringefest.

1. A Paul Frank t-shirt.

2. Your favourite pair of Volleys.

3. Or Etnies if you were a ~skater~ kid.

4. A brightly-coloured rah rah skirt.

5. That was probably worn over some faded, flared jeans.

6. Your baggiest pair of jeans.

7. That was accessoried with a belt chain, of course.

8. A material belt purchased from Supré.

9. Along with your most fluoro oversized slogan tee.

10. A whole pack of jelly bracelets.

11. A pair of dainty but chic slippers.

12. A Roxy trucker hat.

13. A cropped, short-sleeved cardigan.

14. Or one of these tie-up versions, if you were wanting a more casual look.

15. A ~trendy~ headband that you made using one of your mum's scarves.

16. One of those metallic wrap belts that all the celebrities were wearing.

17. Which went perfectly with the Mischa Barton Keds.

18. Some boardies you probably got from City Beach.

19. Or a Piping Hot t-shirt your mum purchased from Target.

20. A gazillion butterfly clips that you used to create the perfect up-do.

21. Or one of these stretchy headbands, if they were more your thing.

22. A couple of Livestrong wristbands.

23. A studded belt to project your ~emo~ vibes.

24. A Superman t-shirt from Jay Jays.

25. Or an Elmo tee if you more of a scene kid.

26. A boho-inspired disc belt worn over the top of a flowy skirt.

27. Or maybe a footless tights and denim skirt ensemble.

28. A pair of trusty Rabens.

29. Or Ugg boots that you tucked your jeans into.

30. Some cargo shorts.

31. A cute little bow headband.

32. And a pair of coloured skinny jeans to match.