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32 Cringeworthy Things That All '00s Kids Wore On Free Dress Day

The ultimate cringefest.

1. A Paul Frank t-shirt.

@kateybianca / Via

2. Your favourite pair of Volleys.

@mekitron / Via

3. Or Etnies if you were a ~skater~ kid.

Etnies / Via

4. A brightly-coloured rah rah skirt.

5. That was probably worn over some faded, flared jeans.

Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

6. Your baggiest pair of jeans.

Chris Livingston / Getty Images

7. That was accessoried with a belt chain, of course.

8. A material belt purchased from Supré.


9. Along with your most fluoro oversized slogan tee.

@pridiva / Via Flickr: pridiva

10. A whole pack of jelly bracelets.

@thequirkshopusa / Via, indignant_veganizon / Via

Bonus points if you criss-crossed them.

11. A pair of dainty but chic slippers.

@outofservicemiami / Via

12. A Roxy trucker hat.

Roxy / Via

13. A cropped, short-sleeved cardigan.

14. Or one of these tie-up versions, if you were wanting a more casual look.

15. A ~trendy~ headband that you made using one of your mum's scarves.

@rapunzelseesthelight1 / Via

16. One of those metallic wrap belts that all the celebrities were wearing.

17. Which went perfectly with the Mischa Barton Keds.

Keds / Via

18. Some boardies you probably got from City Beach.

19. Or a Piping Hot t-shirt your mum purchased from Target.

Piping Hot / Via

20. A gazillion butterfly clips that you used to create the perfect up-do.

21. Or one of these stretchy headbands, if they were more your thing.

22. A couple of Livestrong wristbands.

http://@a.lite.k / Via, @dieing_very_slowly / Via

23. A studded belt to project your ~emo~ vibes.

24. A Superman t-shirt from Jay Jays.

25. Or an Elmo tee if you more of a scene kid.

@tutucuteboutique4 / Via

26. A boho-inspired disc belt worn over the top of a flowy skirt.

L. Cohen / Getty Images

27. Or maybe a footless tights and denim skirt ensemble.

28. A pair of trusty Rabens.

@stompfootwearmosman / Via

29. Or Ugg boots that you tucked your jeans into.

@uggling123 / Via

30. Some cargo shorts.

31. A cute little bow headband.

32. And a pair of coloured skinny jeans to match.

Supre / Via
Getty Images / BuzzFeed

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