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    Updated on 24 Jun 2020. Posted on 23 Jun 2020

    21 Tweets About The Wiggles That Are Almost As Iconic As "Fruit Salad"

    Just call them the CEOs of making songs that absolutely slap.


    The Wiggles: fruit salad 10 year old me: yummy yummy


    the wiggles could write let it be but the beatles couldn't write fruit salad.


    ok because the wiggles is trending i want everyone to know jeff is the most relatable wiggle because i too fall asleep at any given moment. like stop yelling "wake up jeff" he's tired leave him be


    me: goodnight moon moon: goodnight me: goodnight stars stars: goodnight me: goodnight wiggles the wiggles: 𝑭𝑹𝑼𝑰𝑻 𝑺𝑨𝑳𝑨𝑫 ʸᵘᵐᵐʸ ʸᵘᵐᵐʸ


    the wiggles concert vs trump rally


    Cultural impact: █    █  █  █  _ The Wiggles The Beatles


    if he doesn’t have the wiggles on vinyl im not interested


    can u imagine being one of the wiggles and trying to chase the high they felt the night they recorded fruit salad


    me after my first kid: screen time is terrible, I will raise you to appreciate wooden blocks and imagination me after the second kid: the wiggles are your parents now


    “Yummy” by Justin Bieber: -could have been written by a 4 year old -shallow lyrics that are SUPPOSED TO BE FOR HIS WIFE -not educational “Fruit Salad” by The Wiggles -written by the Beatles of Australia -educational lyrics that teach you how to make fruit salad -nutritious


    the wiggles really just dropped a fucken banger about fruit salad and then vanished. unreal


    Everyone's going wild about the Coachella line up and here I am like AAWWWWHHHFUCKYEAH THE WIGGLES TOOT TOOT CHUGGA CHUGGA BIG FUCKIN RED CAR


    Since The Wiggles are trending, friendly reminder that Greg was a fucking king. Lead singer, great guitarist, did magic, drove the Big Red Car, the best looking of the bunch...and so on. Of all the childhood icons in history, he is certainly one of the most overlooked.


    The wiggles pit are always the craziest tbh


    fruit salad by the wiggles


    I’m not there yet, but one more week of isolation and I will know every @TheWiggles song by heart


    the wiggles didn’t have to go that hard on fruit salad but they did that for us


    When The Wiggles sang “Hot potato, hot potato,” I felt that


    Before Baby Shark we had Fruit Salad by the Wiggles.



    Marvel: Avengers Infinity War is the most ambitious crossover event in history. The Wiggles and Steve Irwin in 2002: 🤔

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