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    The Wiggles Just Covered Tame Impala's "Elephant" On "Like A Version" And It's Absolutely Iconic

    Now it's time for Tame Impala to cover "Fruit Salad".

    This morning, music history was made as The Wiggles debuted on "Like A Version" for Triple J.


    Featuring some of the original members like Murray Cook and Jeff Fatt alongside the current line-up of Anthony Field, Lachlan Gillespie, Simon Pryce and Emma Watkins, The Wiggles decided to do a cover of Tame Impala's "Elephant".

    Triple J

    And if you're wondering how it sounded, I'll let you be the judge. But, in my opinion, it was bloody iconic.

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    You had Lachlan taking charge with the lead vocals and his guitar-keyboard hybrid instrument.

    Triple J

    Meanwhile, Murray, Jeff and Emma were vibing in the background, providing beats from their respective instruments.

    Triple J

    Simon added some spice, with his baritone-esque voice.

    Triple J

    And then there was Anthony, who was wearing a gigantic elephant head, complete with a swinging trunk.

    Triple J

    Go off, elephant king.

    The Wiggles also added their own spin to "Elephant", splicing "Fruit Salad" — one of their most iconic songs — into the beat.

    Triple J

    It was honestly just a whole lot of fun to see The Wiggles perform something completely different. And you could tell that they were having a good time too, just vibing with the tune.

    Triple J

    Like, old mate Muzza had a guitar solo where he just went off.

    Triple J

    Now, if you're thinking that Tame Impala was a bit of a left field choice for The Wiggles, you're not wrong. But, Emma revealed that when deciding what to perform, they definitely "wanted to choose something Australian".

    "For most of the time that we've had the honour of going to the ARIAs, we get to see Tame Impala a lot on stage."

    "We've never really met them properly, but we thought that we'd like to pay tribute to this amazing Australian band."

    Matt Winkelmeyer / Getty Images

    And how did Australians react? Well, they just about bloody loved it.

    I don't know what fever dream I've woken up into with The Wiggles covering Tame Impala on Triple J this morning but I'm so happy to be here

    Twitter: @oddlyhogwash

    Damn the wiggles really out here nailing a tame impala cover

    Twitter: @_evanswtf

    i never thought i needed the wiggles covering tame impala but yes. yes i did

    Twitter: @priscilluuuuh

    The Wiggles just saved music with an insanely amazing cover of Tame Impala, looks like I've already got a Hottest 100 vote locked in

    Twitter: @thisisnige

    While The Wiggles were at Triple J, they also performed a rendition of their latest song, "We're All Fruit Salad", in honour of their 30th anniversary.

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    Shoutout to The Wiggles for being forever iconic and blessing Australia with this cover today. Now, it's time for Tame Impala to cover "Fruit Salad".

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