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    Shahadi Wright Joseph Opened Up About The Filming Process For "Us" And It Sounds Wiiild

    "If you've met Lupita, you'll know that she's really goofy, funny and just such a happy person."

    This is Shahadi Wright Joseph. You'll probably recognise her from Jordan Peele's nightmarish thriller, Us, where she played the dual role of Zora Wilson/Umbrae.

    In an interview with BuzzFeed, she opened up about the filming process and working with Oscar winners like Lupita Nyong'o and Jordan Peele.

    First of all, Shahadi had NO IDEA she was reading for a Jordan Peele film when she auditioned.

    "It was called An Untitled Horror Film, so I had literally had no idea. But then I was told that I would be flying out to meet him in LA and I had to try and keep calm."

    And before shooting began, Shahadi and Jordan would regularly meet up to help her get in tune with the vibe of each character.

    "We basically talked about both characters and how they would be really different from one another."

    "He made up the Umbrae smile because in the script it says that Umbrae was born laughing. It was a good idea because it worked out perfectly."

    And if you're wondering about how close the cast were, according to Shahadi they were like one big, happy family.

    Which really helped with the intensity of the filming process and the characters.

    But the full circle moment for Shahadi was bonding with Lupita, who plays Adelaide/Red.

    "If you've met Lupita, you'll know that she's really goofy, funny and just such a happy person."

    "I was honoured to be able to work with her and just get to know her better."

    Especially since Shahadi auditioned for a school play using Lupita's 2014 Oscar acceptance speech.

    And yes, Shahadi got to share this memory with Lupita, saying "she was really, really happy and touched."

    As for what's next, Shahadi is set to appear as young Nala in the live-action remake of The Lion King.

    But she wouldn't say no to doing another horror move with Jordan Peele.