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    Updated on 4 May 2020. Posted on 4 May 2020

    PSA: San Churro Are Delivering Throwback Aussie Dessert Snack Packs That Sound Freakin' Delicious


    If you're anything like me, your self-iso snack cravings have been ALL over the place.


    I crave sweet, I crave savoury — I just crave all the snacks, okay?

    Especially if you've been watching shows like MasterChef Australia, where they've been plating mouthwatering dish, after dish, each episode.

    Well, if you need to something to satisfy that sweet tooth of yours, the legends at San Churro have come to the rescue by way of their "Throwback Edition Menu".

    San Churros

    The nostalgic range combines the goodness of churros with some Aussie childhood favourites to create the ultimate dessert snack pack.

    You can get your order sprinkled with strawberry and grape Nerds, which are — hands down — one of the best lollies to exist.

    San Churros

    Or topped with adorable mini-fairy breads, speckles and white choc ice cream.

    Not feeling those? Well, how about chocolate crackle chunks and chocolate ice cream, which sounds just about heavenly to me.

    San Churros

    You can even pick whether you want milk, dark or white chocolate drizzled on top to finish off your snack pack.


    And since the weather is cooling down a fair bit (seriously, I'm freezing), they've even introduced a range of throwback hot chocolates, topped with Nerds, fairy bread or chocolate crackle pieces.

    San Churros / Via

    To make the deal even sweeter, San Churro are slashing the prices of the snack packs every Thursday in May.

    20th Television

    Instead of the usual $17, you can grab them for $11! Just make sure you order between 4-8 p.m.

    If you're salivating at the mouth and want to grab these ASAP, you can get them delivered straight to your door via DoorDash, Menulog, Deliveroo and Uber Eats — or you can pick them up from your local store.