This Is How Australia Has Responded To News Of A Possible Coronavirus Pandemic

    This feels like something straight out of a Hollywood movie.

    Like other countries around the world, Australia has been busy preparing for the worst when it comes to the coronavirus.

    Currently, there are 33 confirmed cases in Australia — nine in Queensland, nine in NSW, nine in Victoria, three in South Australia, two in Western Australia and one in Tasmania — as well as one recorded death in WA.

    1. The latest? People raiding Coles, Woolies and Aldi to stock up on basic supplies, like toilet paper, hand sanitiser, pasta, tissues, rice and bottled water.

    Taken by a very close mate my local supermarket 20 mins ago. She said she saw a couple of people doing something similar. Calm the farm Aussies. It's a flu. Not the black plague.

    2. This has led to entire shelves in grocery stores being emptied out across the country.

    Not a square to spare at Coles Leichhardt 🧻 🤔 😂 #preppers #coronavirus #stockpile


    Today I went into my local Coles, I couldn’t believe the stockpiling happening. No long-life milk, toilet paper, rice, pasta & hardly any medicines, minimal lentils & canned tomatoes. You get the feeling people felt quite anxious after seeing these empty shelves. #coronavirus


    Picture 1) Rice section in the aisle at Coles Manuka 🍚 Picture 2) Tinned food aisle section 🥫 People are legit! 😷 #coronavirus


    Toilet paper aisle at North Rocks Coles, NSW, Australia today 2 Mar 2020 at 6.45pm. Literraly had a lady say to me ‘good luck’ 😓#CoronavirusOutbreak #coronavirusoutbreak #coronavirus #coronavirusaustralia #Covid_19 #COVIDー19 #toiletpaper #toiletpapershortest #panicbuying


    So people are panic buying in Sydney. This used to be the toilet paper aisle. #coronavirus


    Local Coles out of toilet paper, paracetamol and oats. Is there an economic upside to #panic buying? #coronavirusaustralia


    everyone is freaking out about the corona virus and coles has literally no stock left omg


    So, this is the #toiletpaper aisle at my local #woolies #coronavirus #panicbuying


    Pasta aisle, @coles Crows Nest #panicbuying #coronavirus

    13. Due to the huge demand, some products have even been marked as "unavailable" until the next possible restock.

    Woolworths Ballarat. Panadol and Nurofen almost completely out. Rush on tissues, eggs, frozen food. #coronavirus


    Coles Brunswick has been smashed tonight. People are starting to clear out shelves. In a weeks time I reckon it’s going to be chaotic. Some customers filling up the whole car. Being prepared is good. Being selfish hurts us all. #coronavirus


    More evidence that the world has officially gone mad #coronavirus #woolies


    So we’ve almost run out of toilet paper and Js doing a shop and just sent me this from our local coles. PEOPLE I GET THAT THERE IS LEGIT CONCERN FOR OUR HEALTH BUT PANIC BUYING TO THE POINT OF CLEARING SHELVES IS RIDICULOUS!

    18. While most shoppers seem to be in a state of panic, other Aussies chose to, well, take the piss, which is just about the most Australian thing you can do in a situation like this.

    Why are people stocking up on toilet paper specifically. does everyone plan on shitting themselves to death


    This is the toilet paper aisle at my local Coles. No panic buying with that guy taking his time deciding on the only choice he has. #toiletpaper #panicbuying #Coles


    Me during the great toilet paper shortage of 2020. #panicbuying #Australia #kathandkim


    Imagining a guy who wants to get into the coronavirus prepping thing but shows up at Woolies way too late so is forced to hoard air freshener and Violet Crumbles

    But on a more serious note, please do take care of yourselves and go to a doctor if you're feeling ill.