Non-Aussies Are Sharing Their First Impressions Of Australia And It's Equal Parts Insightful And Hilarious

    "Drop bears feasting on tourists."

    What's the first thing that comes to mind when I say Australia? Perhaps it's our world-class beaches, our unique Aussie slang or something else entirely.

    Well, that's exactly the question that user u/sickburn1r put to the non-Australians of the Reddit community. Here's how they responded when asked: "What's the first thing that comes to your mind about Australia?"

    1. "The accent, mate!"


    2. "As a parent of a toddler, Bluey."


    3. "Men At Work."


    4. "Independent. I worked in an HQ role and dealt with multiple global teams. The Europeans were always checking in, asking for stuff, running things by me. The Aussies I'd not hear from for weeks, then they'd just pop up like: "Hey mate, we've got this $300 million deal lined up. Can you sign off on your bits? Cheers."


    5. "Steve Irwin."


    "I got to see him at his zoo in Beerwah on the Sunshine Coast back in the early 2000s. I remember being in the carpark and hearing his voice made me instantly smile. That day, I got to see his show with Agro. He was so incredible, so humble, so passionate and spread so much positivity. I cried when I saw he had died."


    6. "The fact that many sources say that some of the most incredible views of space you can take in with the naked eye are in Australia."


    7. "Most recently, the phrase 'I'm not here to fuck spiders.'"


    8. "AC/DC."


    9. "This is a knife."


    10. "Tim Tam slam!"


    11. "I think of the Aboriginal peoples."


    12. "The Emu War."


    13. "Venomous things that bite."


    14. "70% desert, 30% city life."


    15. "Giant spiders."


    16. "Drop bears feasting on tourists."


    17. "The Wiggles."

    18. "Kangaroos."


    19. "The summertime Christmases."


    "Can confirm — I emigrated to Sydney 20 years ago from London. My first year there during mid-December, I was driving by the ocean near Manly and a lot of people were parking by a surf club. Intrigued, I followed and parked too. It was a 30 degree evening, sitting on the beach when the crowd starts singing Xmas carols. The next thing I know, Santa cruises up onto the beach in a speedboat and wearing board shorts."


    20. "Danny Ric doing a shoey."


    21. "I'm gonna be honest here, Kath And Kim."


    22. "Mullets. I'm not sure why, but you guys have mullets, right? I mean, a bunch of you do?"


    23. "Vegemite. It's so salty, the only purpose of it is to just trap the giant spiders."


    24. "Chris Hemsworth."


    25. And lastly: "Sausage sizzle, AFL and VB."


    Reddit submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

    What's the first thing that you think of when someone mentions "Australia"? Let us know in the comments!