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    31 Totally Normal Australian Food Habits That The Rest Of The World Finds Very Strange

    It's a whole new world for them.

    1. This person, who just made a startling discovery over the name used for Australia's favourite summertime treat.

    so i just found out australians call these zooper doopers and im ??

    Twitter: @crispycarlitoe

    Why on Earth would you call these freezies when a term like Zooper Dooper exists?!

    2. This person, who just found out the Australian translation of a well-known American snack — which is undeniably cuter than the original.

    I just found out Australians call tater tots “potato gems” I’m packing my bags

    Twitter: @madisemple

    Sounds a lot more classy too, which is Aussies in a nutshell — duh.

    3. And same goes for this one — fairy floss sounds much better than candy floss.

    so i just found out australians call candyfloss ‘fairyfloss’ ............ make it make sense

    Twitter: @clozieruniverse

    Plus, fairy floss is just so much more magical and fun to say.

    4. This person, who is extremely shocked and outraged over the existence of fairy bread.

    I know Brits eat like sugar sandwiches, but I just found out Australians eat bread that just has rainbow sprinkles on it AND THEY SERVE THIS AT KIDS BIRTHDAY PARTIES? does that taste... good??

    Twitter: @heartwormie

    I can confirm that fairy bread tastes very, very good.

    5. Like, seriously — who knew a humble, childhood snack could be the cause of so much confusion.

    So I just found out australians eat this thing called fairy bread? It’s literally a piece of bread with butter & rainbow sprinkles... no comment

    Twitter: @frenchFREYs_

    They're all knocking it, but they just haven't tried it — and it's their loss, tbh.

    6. This person, who can't seem to wrap their head around how Australians have different names for things.

    I just found out Australians call crawfish ‘yabby’ and… what the fuck are y’all doing down there???

    Twitter: @g_solaria

    In reference to what the fuck we're doing, we're just chilling and enjoying our yabbies (or crawfish, I guess).

    7. Clearly, it's a huge concern for them.

    i just found out australians call loaves of bread buns im so upset

    Twitter: @levjacr

    FYI — we actually use both terms.

    8. Even when the Aussie term makes a lot more sense.

    Just found out australians call peppers capsicums, why has this been allowed to happen?

    Twitter: @_ktmccabe

    WHY WOULD YOU CALL IT PEPPER, WHEN PEPPER IS A SPICE??? That's confusing, just use capsicum.

    9. Or it's just a simple abbreviation, which is rule number one in "how to talk like an Australian".

    Just found out Australians call rotisserie chickens 'roast chooks' I'm absolutely fuming

    Twitter: @anyeeet

    We do LOVE to shorten our words.

    10. This person, who needs to understand that Milo and hot chocolate aren't the same thing.

    I just found out australians pour milk into milo powder??? Not just hot plain water???? Now im?????

    Twitter: @njhoeing

    It's not like Cadbury Drinking Chocolate — it's more of a malted drink, like Ovaltine! If you add it to water, it's just gonna taste plain and watery.

    11. This person, who's a little bit upset at this hilarious name upgrade.

    I just found out Australians call fish sticks fish fingers and I’m not sure how to feel about that

    Twitter: @MallorySpeyrer

    Look, who knows why we called them fish fingers, when fish do not have fingers. But, it's a hell of a lot more fun to say than fish sticks.

    12. This person, who is infuriated over Australia's age-old tradition of adding beetroot to burgers.

    I just found out Australians put beets on their hamburgers and I have just one question: WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE DOWN THERE?

    Twitter: @bigredrobot

    It's really just adding some ~freshness~ to a burger! Like, a bit more salad and it doesn't taste bad at all.

    13. This person, who is traumatised over learning that yes, Australians do, in fact, eat their native animals.

    I just found out Australians eat kangaroos and over here I was thinking that they lived among them as part of society (I'm really upset)

    Twitter: @madbakess

    I have no answers for this, other than yes, it is a thing in Australia. Kangaroo meat is meant to be very lean and good for you though!

    14. This person, who just found out what an Australian accent sounds like.

    just found out Australians pronounce mocha as maka and I am in distress

    Twitter: @HeyYeahDani

    Sorry for distressing you, it's just what we sound like???

    15. This person, who has no words after discovering one of Australia's most iconic slang words.

    I just found out australians call liquor stores,,, bottle-o’s wow

    Twitter: @jeunjune

    Wait until you hear what we call our petrol stations.

    16. This person, who is having a difficult time processing Aussie Easter traditions.

    just found out australians have a chocolate bilby instead of a chocolate bunny for easter and i have to go to bed

    Twitter: @kiley_ell

    I mean, we definitely do have chocolate bunnies too! But, we also get these adorable bilbies, which are infinitely cuter.

    17. This person, who is already very fond of this iconic Australian term.

    I just found out Australians call Barbecues "sausage sizzles" and I'd like to move there now.

    Twitter: @pstrott12

    Although, I do have to say that we don't call all our BBQs "sausage sizzles".

    18. This person, who just caught on to this widely accepted abbreviation and needs 2-3 business days to recover.

    Just found out Australians call McDonald’s “Maccas” tbh shocked and confused,, idk how I’m gonna recover

    Twitter: @catboysVEVO

    Look, I'm just gonna say it's way better than Mickey D's or whatever you guys called it in the States.

    19. This person, who had some choice words about the fries vs. chips debate.

    just found out australians call french fries “hot chips” what the fuck

    Twitter: @iIuvkirby

    Yeah — Australians really do just use the umbrella term of "chips" for a lot of potato snacks. It's a thing, but hot chips specifically will refer to french fries, whereas chips are, like, potato chips.

    20. This person, who definitely had a bone to pick with this quintessential Aussie snack.

    cw food 💥just found out australians eat pies that are just meat??? like its just a pie, filled with meat?? and they get them at gas stations??? what the fuck???

    Twitter: @Nesquixotic

    Yeah, that is the concept of a meat pie! But they taste really, really good — especially when you drizzle them with some tomato sauce on top. The only annoying thing is when you burn your mouth eating one of these bad boys too fast.

    21. This person, who is straight up slandering one of Australia's national dishes and clearly just needs to try one.

    Just found out Australians eat something called a jaffle. Which is a toasted sandwich with spaghetti or beans in it. You disgusting fuckers

    Twitter: @Blonde_kitty_x

    It's the best thing to eat when there's nothing in your fridge or pantry besides some canned beans and bread.

    22. This person, who is outraged that sometimes Australians don't enjoy eating as much sugar as our friends around the world.

    just found out australians eat smores w saltines instead of graham crackers. never recovering

    Twitter: @icykuso

    Okay, this person also doesn't realise how hard it is to get authentic graham crackers in Australia! We gotta use our substitutes.

    23. This person, who may need to do some research because papayas and pawpaws are two different fruit.

    Just found out Australians call papayas "pawpaws" and I'm fuckin pissed

    Twitter: @jonny_is_good

    And you can buy both of them here in Australia!

    24. This person, who unintentionally roasted themselves — because the Australian term is much simpler to understand.

    just found out australians call cantaloupes "rock melons" wtf hahahah

    Twitter: @SamanthaKronos

    What the hell is a cantaloupe??? That is the real question.

    25. And lastly, this person — who would simply not visit Australia than indulge in any of our "bizarre" food habits.

    Just found out Australians call sandwiches 'sangas' and any remaining desire to visit has disappeared, just like that

    Twitter: @abjackadabra

    Farewell Juno, it was nice not knowing you.

    Non-Aussies — what other Australian food habits are you just discovering that weird you out? Leave them in the comments, so we can explain ourselves!