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    Watch This Cute Video Of "Love, Simon" Stars Nick Robinson And Katherine Langford Celebrating His Birthday

    This is just a ridiculous amount of cute you guys.

    As you may or may not know, the adorable coming of age story Love, Simon was released in the US this past week.

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    It also premiered in Australia on March 18, with both Nick Robinson, who plays Simon, and Katherine Langford, who plays his best friend Leah, hitting the red carpet.

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    The film is being officially released on March 29 though, which is only a few sleeps away!

    Coincidentally their promo tour of the film overlapped with Nick's 23rd birthday.

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    Which meant that these adorable co stars took the time to celebrate his big day together.

    @katherinelangford / Via Instagram: @katherinelangford

    In videos posted to Katherine's Instagram story, she also shows Nick blowing out a candle for his birthday.

    @katherinelangford / Via Instagram: @katherinelangford

    Okay, but like I can't be the only one gushing over how ridiculously cute this, right?!

    @katherinelangford / Via Instagram: @katherinelangford

    The birthday boy also shared a picture to his Instagram showing off that delicious cake.

    Anyway, that is all. You may return to your usual programming while I continue to tell everyone in the office about this.

    20th Century Fox

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