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    29 Traditional Indian Dishes The Whole World Should Know And Love

    There's more to Indian cuisine than butter chicken.

    1. Papri chaat

    2. Matar paneer

    3. Chole bhature

    4. Aloo gobi

    5. Pakora

    6. Idli

    7. Pani puri

    8. Bhel puri

    9. Dosa

    10. Dahi vada

    11. Makki di roti served with sarson da saag

    12. Mutton curry

    13. Kaddu ki sabzi

    14. Baingan bharta

    15. Khichdi

    16. Bhindi masala

    17. Vada

    18. Fish curry

    19. Aloo tikki

    20. Daal makhani

    21. Biryani

    22. Rajma

    23. Gajar halwa

    24. Gulab juman

    25. Kulfi

    26. Ras malai

    27. Jalebi

    Danishkhan / Getty Images

    If you have a sweet tooth, then make these crispy, sugary spirals of jalebi goodness next to try on your bucket list. They're made from a deep-fried flour batter that's been generously soaked in a sugar syrup.

    28. Kheer

    29. Barfi

    Highviews / Getty Images

    Translation: Barfi = a derivate of the word "barf" meaning snow.

    If you've ever visited an Indian sweet shop, you're more than likely to have come across these scrumptious milk-based mithai known as barfi. Common varieties include milk, besan (chickpea flour), kaaju (cashews), and pista (ground pistachios), but there are quite a few chocolate versions out there too! They're also usually covered in a thin layer of edible metallic leaf to make them look extra appetising.