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    Macca's Have Done You And Your Mates A Solid Because They're Selling $1 Big Macs Today

    What a blessed morning it is.

    Let's cut to the chase because I know you guys are a hungry bunch.


    To celebrate Macca's tweaking their iconic burger menu, they've decided to give away $1 Big Macs.

    Yep, that's right. ONE DOLLAR BIG MACS.


    I was going to buy a $20 salad for lunch, but looks like I'll be getting this instead.

    If you're keen on scoring yourself a budget lunch, all you have to do is order through the mymacca's app.


    Honestly, I know downloading new apps is annoying AF. But for a cheap ass Big Mac, it's worth it.

    And yes, it is only one per person. But sharing is caring, so I would grab a handful of mates and get down there ASAP to beat the usual lunch crowd.


    You running to Macca's after reading this post.