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This Is Why Australians Want The Government To #LockdownAustralia

"We are going to go down the exact same pathway as Italy did if he [Scott Morrison] does not take action."

To help combat the increasing spread of the coronavirus, countries — such as Italy and Spain — have imposed a nation-wide lockdown. As part of this, locals have been urged to stay home, all non-essential shops have been shut and schools have been closed.

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In comparison, the Australian government has imposed two main restrictions in relation to the coronavirus: The banning of gatherings with over 500 people and overseas travellers being forced to self-isolate for 14 days once they land in Australia — both of which come into effect today.

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The government has also encouraged Australians to practice "social distancing" — keeping 1.5 metres away from other people — and "elbow bumps" as a way to greet people.

But Australians — including local celebrities — are calling on Scott Morrison and the government to #LockdownAustralia.

We urge @ScottMorrisonMP to pls do the right thing for the safety of all Australians & #Lockdownaustralia Ppl should not have to send their children to school, teachers, university students, staff etc with the high risk situation at hand. Businessses need $ support & leadership!

This would effectively force the closure of schools and universities, which according to educators, would help reduce the risk of infection between students and teachers.

Getting ready to go to work as a teacher where I am going to be in contact with over 1000 people today. The government is currently putting mine and every other student and teachers lives at risk. As well as our families. #closetheschoolsnow #Lockdownaustralia

australia has reached 300 cases and all they’ve done is banned large gatherings of 500 people my school has 1000+ kids!! shut down the schools you useless governments. only thinking about the economy and not people’s lives #Lockdownaustralia #CloseTheSchools

#Lockdownaustralia OK I NORMALLY DON'T GET ON BOARD HASHTAGS LIKE THIS but im being forced to go to Uni every single day in an area with a high number of cases, watching the virus cases go up faster and faster every day while our government tells us "don't shake hands lmao"

And drastically lower the number of people on public transport, who — due to the high volume of travellers during peak hour —cannot practice social distancing on trains and buses.

if you are going to force people to still travel on public transport for work and uni, run more trains and buses bc there is no way people can possibly be 1.5 metres during peak hours!! this is absurd. #Lockdownaustralia

Which, as many have pointed out, is counterintuitive to the government's recommendations.

#lockusdown I work in a building with 5000+ people. I travel by public transport with people standing inches away for 45 minutes. How is this different from gathering of 500+ people? Lock us down!!! #Lockdownaustralia

Those with a compromised immune system would also greatly benefit from a nation-wide lockdown.

#Lockdownaustralia as someone that lives with someone with a weak immune system (who has almost died on the account of others acts) please lockdown aus. i don’t want people to start loosing family and i don’t want to see my family in that position again. it’s scary

And many Australians have warned Scott Morrison that if we do not act now — while the number of cases in Oz are comparatively low to other countries — that we could be facing a much more drastic situation in the near future.

#Lockdownaustralia I am sick and tired of scomo giving the most trivial answers to questions. All countries that went into immediate lockdown have been successful in containing the virus but no. We are going to go down the exact same pathway as Italy did if he does not takeaction

20 days ago Italy was sitting on 200+- cases, same as Australia TODAY. 🇮🇹🇦🇺 In 20 days they have reached 17000 +- cases. This is our crystal ball. 🔮 #Lockdownaustralia NOW #COVID19Aus

I cant believe the governemnt wont #Lockdownaustralia because "The numbers are lower than other countires" HOW DENSE ARE YOU!?! You literally are saying to wait until more people get infected and die before actually doing anything extreme. Disgusting.

This morning, PM Scott Morrison responded to an enquiry from ABC Radio's AM presenter Sabra Lane, suggesting a total lockdown was not in the best interest of the public.

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He explained that it could place further strain on the public health system, as the closure of schools would require many healthcare workers to stay at home and look after their kids.

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And that "it's not the medical advice of the state health officers and the Chief Medical Officer" that Australia should be in a lockdown at this point in time.

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