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    21 Times Lisa Simpson Was A Big Fucking Mood

    We've all been a version of Lisa at some point or another.

    1. When she was listening to some sad, emotional music to vent out her feelings.

    2. When she gave herself some advice that we've all probably given to ourselves.

    3. When she eloquently described what most women already know about men.

    4. When she woke up one morning and refused to leave the safety and warmth of her bed.

    5. When she envied the drama-free life of some micro-organisms.

    6. When she had to be careful not to rage when asked dumb questions – like this:

    7. When she chose to ignore the mess of her life by procrastinating instead.

    8. When she felt more connected to Wi-Fi than the outside world.


    9. When she wasn't afraid to deliver some powerful truths about the patriarchy.

    10. And proved that she didn't need a man to make her happy.

    11. When she got overwhelmed by life and started contemplating the futility of her existence.

    12. When she had some valid excuses for wanting to skip class.


    13. When she relished that first bit of caffeine in the morning that transforms you from a dead corpse into a functioning human.

    14. When she was just really, really apathetic about everything and anything.

    15. And gave absolutely zero fucks.


    16. When she had to explain the seemingly obvious.

    17. When she instinctively gave some side eye in response to these three words.

    18. When she curled up in a ball after things got too stressful.

    19. When she re-evaluated some life decisions.


    20. When she shared all her problems with her true friends.


    21. And finally, when she was just really done with everyone's shit.