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    It's Been 19 Years Since "Kath & Kim" Graced Our Screens — This Is What The Cast Looks Like Now

    [Extreme Kath Day-Knight voice]: It's noice, it's different, it's unusual.

    L-R: Kath Day-Knight, Kel Knight, Kim Craig, Brett Craig and Sharon Strzelecki
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    Released in 2002, Kath & Kim quickly became one of Australia's most well-loved sitcoms. It still continues to be quoted to this day — both by Aussie and international fans — so we thought it was high-time to check in on the cast and see what they've been up to.

    Jane Turner as Kath Day-Knight

    Riley Turner Productions, Mark Metcalfe / Getty Images for AFI

    Then: Jane played the imitable Kath Day-Knight, who was not only stylish as heck (remember those jumpers?!), but gave us some of the most iconic lines from the series ("Look at moiiii").

    Now: After wrapping up Kath & Kim, Jane had roles in Open Slater, Rake and a French TV series called Parlement. She also reprised her much-loved character in Kath & Kimderella and was awarded a Medal of the Order Of Australia in 2020 for her services to the performing arts. Bonus fact: Jane is a special representative for the Australian arm of the UNHCR.

    Gina Riley as Kim Craig

    Riley Turner Productions, Sam Tabone / WireImage

    Then: Gina played Kim Craig, the daughter of Kath, who was known for her blunt humour, strong opinions and general laziness.

    Now: Over the years, Gina has kept things pretty low-key. She appeared in Kath & Kimderella and followed this up with roles in Open Slather, The Beautiful Lie and Please Like Me. She's also dabbled in musical theatre, with her most recent performance being in a production of Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber Of Fleet Street.

    Glenn Robbins as Kel Knight

    Riley Turner Productions, Mark Sullivan / WireImage

    Then: Glenn played Kel Knight, Kath's husband and a passionate "purveyor of fine meats". He was known for his trademark hairstyle (slicked down, of course), love for exercise and wearing shorts that were *slightly* too short.

    Now: Since Kath & Kim, Glenn has kept busy, both through his comedic work and acting roles. You've probably spotted him in Kath & Kimderella, Open Slather, Upper Middle Bogan, Russell Coight's All Aussie Adventures, Have You Been Paying Attention and I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here.

    Peter Rowsthorn as Brett Craig

    Riley Turner Productions, @peterrowsthorn / Via Instagram: @

    Then: Peter played Brett Craig, who was married to Kim. Although they had a turbulent relationship, they stuck things out and even ended up having a daughter together.

    Now: Post Kath & Kim, Peter has had roles in Snake Tales, Kath & Kimderella Underbelly and a bunch of small flicks. Like his co-star, he also appeared in I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here.

    And finally, Magda Szubanski as Sharon Strzelecki

    Riley Turner Productions, Fiona Goodall / Getty Images for New Zealand Film Commission

    Then: Known for her optimism, bubbly personality and love of sports, Magda played Sharon Stzelecki.

    Now: Magda's had a successful and busy career, appearing in hit TV shows, movies and even on-stage as well. You'll most likely recognise her in Bran Nue Dae, Happy Feet Two, Kath & Kimderella, Neighbours and The Weakest Link, which she is currently hosting. If that wasn't enough, Magda also released her memoir, Reckoning, and was appointed an officer in the general division of the Order Of Australia for her contribution to the performing arts and as a campaigner for marriage equality.

    PSA — if you feel like taking a power walk down memory lane, you can watch every single episode of Kath & Kim on Netflix.

    Riley Turner Productions

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