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There's This Interesting Connection To Kali's Name In "Stranger Things 2" Which You May Have Missed

She's a badass in more ways than one.

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In Hinduism, Kali is known as the goddess of time, doomsday, and death. She is also referred to as an "eradicator of evils", and is seen as a fearsome figure of strength who deals with the destructive side of justice.

The Hindu goddess is also linked to being a gentle and ever-caring mother.

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It's said that her devotees, who are often referred to as her children, have a very loving and intimate bond in spite of her fearsome appearance.


Plus, considering how much the Duffer brothers love their '80s movie references, there could be another link to Kali found in the plot of Indiana Jones and the the Temple of Doom.

Released in 1984, which interestingly is the same year that Stranger Things 2 is set in, the film follows Dr Jones tracking down the Thuggee cult, who worship none other than the Hindu goddess Kali.


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