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    20 May 2020

    18 Jokes About Shopping At Supré That Are Almost As Iconic As Their Tote Bags

    RIP to my collection of neon headbands.


    i just wanna go back to simpler times where we only worried about repping suprè tote bags and neon headbands


    Sometimes I think my parents were bit hard on me but then I remember that they let me wear Supre when I was 10


    Hot pink Supré bags were around well before your boring green Woolies bag, remember that.


    idk if this is an australian thing or just ppl around me but in yr 7 girls would always say did you know supre means slut in french


    Australians of twitter do y’all remember when this is what supre was 😭😭😭


    interviewing 11 yr olds at supre remains australia’s best export, thank god for 2014


    throwback to this one time i was going thru alot so just casually broke down in a supre changing room in australia because i couldn't get my jumpsuit off


    so did everyone in Australia in 2012 go to school with a bright pink supre bag filled with PE clothes that u tied to ur normal bag AND everyone used that hello kitty bubblegum spray or was that a glitch


    Just reflecting on that period of the early noughties when Supre tricked all young women into believing that wearing a broad band of white material at the top of your jeans was a trend.


    were u rly a tween in the late 00s if u didnt own that headband in 15 different colours so u could wear three at a time colour coordinated to school everyday


    I miss the days when my biggest problem was choosing which colour supre headband to wear each day


    If you didn’t carry your sports uniform in a pink Suprè bag, were you really an Aussie teen girl circa 2007


    I just had vivid flashbacks of me walking into DIVA smelling like strawberry impulse, wearing my pink volleys (which were written/drawn all over) with my “global warming is not cool” supre too and a matching fluro elastic bow headband


    Does anyone remember the rumour from primary school that supré meant slut in another language and if you shopped there you were ‘slutty’ but everyone had at least three pink supré totes and those elastic bow headbands


    do you remember having mufti days in school and planning out your outfit in advance and knowing you looked snatched in your neon singlet from supré with a fishtail skirt and high top converse


    Sometimes I really miss the Supre of 2004, when you could buy a singlet in every colour of the rainbow


    I wonder if little yr7rs use Supré bags to carry their sports uniform. Is the culture still rich like that?


    aussies do u remember when supre was cringe as hell but now has kinda cute clothes

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