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    22 Iconic Australian Insults That The Rest Of The World Are Missing Out On

    File "you look like a half-sucked mango" under my all-time fave insults.

    It's no secret that Australian slang is incredibly unique. We like to cut off syllables of words and chuck an "o" at the end (service station = servo) and have several important variations of the word "mate" (it's all in the tone).

    But have you ever stopped to think about Aussie insults? On Reddit, u/Mod12312323 asked fellow users to share the most Australian insult they could think of. The responses were hilarious, so here are some of the best ones to keep in mind the next time you need one.

    1. "Bloody fucking wanker."


    2. "Okay, champ."


    "It's all in the tone and context. 'You're a champ' is almost always a good thing, but 'Okay, champ' in response to something is never good."


    3. "Yeah, righto (followed by any of these: mate, champ, chief, big fella, turbo or hero)."


    4. "If my dog had a face like yours, I'd shave its arse and teach it to walk backwards."


    A dog with a shaved behind and a broken leg.

    5. "Fuckwit."


    6. "In a serious tone...'mate.'"


    "'You right, mate?' always ends in a pub fight."


    7. "Dropkick."


    "Definitely this one, but only if used in the right tone. That shit will slice deeper than any form of a sentence with the word 'cunt' in it. 100% money-back guarantee."


    8. "A face like a dropped meat pie."


    A dropped meat pie.

    9. "I'd have to go with the lesser said 'gronk.' Something about it screams offence."


    10. "Dog cunt. Also being called a 'dog' is actually one of the worst things to be labelled as in Australia. No one wants anything to do with you because you've fucked over a mate or relo [relative] or someone’s grandmother. Once labeled as a 'dog,' you basically need to find another social group or just move towns. It’s a little bit weird because almost every Australian loves dogs. Context, I guess. Don’t dog your mates."


    "Also, dog act cunt."


    11. "Mole."


    12. "Fuck knuckle is a personal favourite."


    13. "Muppet."


    14. "'ScoMo' should become Australia's worst insult. A complete wanker who fucks off when there's work to be done and a bullshit artist who's head is so far up his ass he's inside out. Also, a parasite, a gutless bully and a bludger, all in one. Usage: 'Where were you when we were cleaning up, ya fucking ScoMo?'"


    15. "Grub."


    16. "Shitcunt."


    A man smiling and putting up his index finger.

    17. "Drongo."


    18. "You're from Melbourne, aren't you?"


    19. "Numpty."


    20. "My go-to is, 'You fuckin' tosser!'"


    A street in Australia.

    21. "'Get fucked, cunt.' Not only is it the most insulting, but it can also be the most endearing! Best of both worlds!"


    22. And lastly, "You look like a half-sucked mango."


    A half-sucked mango.

    Some Reddit responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.

    What's your favourite Australian insult? Let us know in the comments!