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    Updated on 17 Nov 2019. Posted on 20 Nov 2017

    30 Iconic Fashion Trends That Defined Every '00s School Disco

    Looking good was all about having the sharpest zig-zag parting.

    1. Roll-on body glitter

    @yours90s2000sparadise / Via

    A little on the face and all over your chest achieved that perfect, glittery glow.

    2. Jelly bracelets

    @onlyonegraciebug / Via

    Everyone always had at least a dozen of these rubbery, rainbow bands on their arms. But if you looped two bracelets together into one design, oh boy, you were really hot stuff.

    3. Platform shoes

    You had to be careful not to roll your ankle while dancing in these bad boys.

    4. Bow headbands

    You definitely had these in at least five different colours.

    5. Leather wrap belts

    Essentially just a long piece of fake leather, these "belts" made you feel like a celebrity.

    6. Paul Frank t-shirts

    @demo_kids / Via

    Only the cool kids wore Paul Frank, so if you were spotted wearing this t-shirt you gained instant schoolyard cred.

    7. Butterfly clips

    @kittyruin / Via, Disney

    Perfect for recreating those, uh, ~creative~ up-dos that everyone was wearing.

    8. Volleys

    @mekitron / Via

    Wearing Volleys was the comfortable but fashionable choice because it meant that you could still easily get down to the Hampsterdance song.

    9. Stretchy headbands

    Every hairstyle looked ten times better when accessorised with a stretchy headband.

    10. Chokers

    @palepastelgoth / Via

    You would layer as many possible on your neck or make a ~fashion statement~ with the rainbow or pastel-coloured ones.

    11. Von Dutch trucker hats

    @hangoutuk / Via

    The Von Dutch trucker hat was as much a status symbol as your limited-edition Lip Smacker.

    12. Skinny scarves

    Carlo Allegri / Getty Images

    AKA the hottest fashion accessory of the '00s.

    13. Scarf headbands

    @rapunzelseesthelight1 / Via

    The easiest way to transform your hair from basic to preppy-chic.

    14. Jelly sandals

    @pantylie / Via

    In theory they looked so cute, but by the end of the night your feet would be sweating like craaaazy.

    15. Glow stick bracelets

    @tierneyadele / Via

    It wasn't a school disco unless everyone was sporting dozens of glow sticks on their arms.

    16. Impulse

    Although the sickly-sweet fumes made you cough like crazy, it was a crime to leave the house without any on.

    17. Stick-on earrings

    @sterfknee / Via

    The only type of "piercing" your mum would allow you to wear. Plus, they came in multi-packs!!!

    18. Crimped hair

    Disney Channel

    Your dream was to one day have crimped hair that looked as good as Lizzie McGuire's.

    19. Lip Smackers

    These were always stashed in your jelly purse in case you needed to touch up the gloss on your lips.

    20. Hair mascara

    The perfect tool for creating some chunky, rainbow-coloured highlights.

    21. Rah-rah skirt

    Teamed with some 3/4 leggings and ballet flats, the rah-rah skirt was a staple in your wardrobe.

    22. Livestrong bracelets

    Kevin T. Houle/Creative Commons / Via Flickr: kevint

    If it wasn't the iconic yellow, everyone had at least one of these rubber bracelets wrapped around their wrists.

    23. Skirts over the top of jeans

    Vince Bucci / Getty Images Entertainment

    What's cooler than wearing your new skirt or fave pair of flared jeans? Wearing them together, duh.

    24. Shrug sweaters

    These half-cardigans were usually bedazzled, loosely knit, or tied in the front. Bonus points if your shrug had all three components.

    25. Bohemian maxi skirts

    Phil McCarten / Getty Images Entertainment

    Perfect for channelling those ~free spirit~ and ~boho~ vibes.

    26. Layered tank tops


    The more you layered your tank tops, the cooler your look was.

    27. Flared jeans

    If they were faded and a bit worn-looking at the cuffs, that made them even better.

    28. Cargo pants

    Getty Images

    Matching your cargo pants to the ribbed cami you were wearing was such a look.

    29. Slogan tees

    @pridiva / Via Flickr: pridiva

    You didn't exactly know what "DIRTY DIRTY HOUSE MUSIC" was, but you knew that it would shine bright under that black light at the school disco.

    30. Zig-zag partings

    @stephd0wd / Via Twitter: @stephd0wd

    Looking good was all about having the sharpest zig-zag parting.

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