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15 Times Australians Were Personally Victimised By Magpies

Brace yourselves Australia, it's magpie season.

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1. When they were always on the hunt for unprotected flesh:

2. When insulting them became part of the Aussie way:

3. When they forced us to protect ourselves by any means possible:

4. When they made us prepare for the change in seasons:

5. When they had no mercy:

6. When they made us feel too scared to step outside our own homes:

I think magpie swooping season should be an Australia-wide holiday

7. When they were put in the same category as some of our deadliest animals:

8. When they gave "Angry Birds" a new meaning:

9. When they wouldn't allow us one day of peace:

I haven't even been back in Australia a full day and I've already been swooped by a magpie.. #WelcomeHome #aggressivebastard

10. When they forced local councils to educate their residents:

11. When they made us turn to a higher power:

12. When they warranted a spot in the daily paper:

13. When you couldn't even live your best life without them coming after you:

14. When they hit our weak spot:

15. And when they prepared us for war:

Bloody magpies.