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    Please Tell Me I'm Not The Only One That Remembers This Cartoon Called "Flipper And Lopaka"

    Truly an underrated gem.

    Today, we're going to talk about an Australian cartoon that you most likely watched as a kid, but forgot existed until this very moment. Its name? Flipper And Lopaka.

    A poster of Flipper And Lopaka, showing a young boy on top of a dolphin
    Seven Network / Yoram Gross Films Studio

    Airing from 1999-2005, the animated series was produced by the legendary Yoram Gross, who was the man responsible for bringing Blinky Bill to life on the big screen.

    A young boy surrounded by sea creatures while underwater, including dolphin and fish
    Seven Network / Yoram Gross Films Studio

    This is wild because I was born in '96, but remember this show so vividly!

    The cartoon took place on the island of Illoka, which was home to a group of islanders β€” including a young Polynesian boy named Lopaka, who had the ability to communicate with sea creatures and breathe underwater.

    Lopaka standing on the beach of his home island
    Seven Network / Yoram Gross Films Studio

    Alongside Lopaka was his best friend Flipper, a friendly dolphin who had saved him from drowning. Together, they explored the ancient ruins of a sunken city called Quetzo, which Flipper's parents ruled over.

    Flipper steering the back of a boat that Lopaka is in; it is raining and the conditions are dangerous
    Seven Network / Yoram Gross Films Studio

    And, of course, you can't forget about the other characters in the gang, which included Ottie (a sea otter), Ray (a manta ray) and Puffy (a blowfish).

    Ottie, Ray and Puffy
    Seven Network / Yoram Gross Films Studio

    I see what they did with the names. πŸ‘€

    As well as Ultra, a pink dolphin that, if memory serves me right, was taken from her parents as a baby and grew up in a laboratory.

    Ultra the dolphin smiling
    Seven Network / Yoram Gross Films Studio

    She somehow...escaped? I can't remember, but that explains why her fin has a tag on it!

    Now, in almost every cartoon there's a villain β€” and in this one about underwater creatures, it was a creepy, evil octopus called Dexter, who wanted to claim Quetzo as his own kingdom.

    Dexter the octopus with an evil grin on his face
    Seven Network / Yoram Gross Films Studio

    Like hello, this octopus actually looks terrifying and is giving me strong Ursula vibes.

    Dexter and Serge, a sea snake
    Seven Network / Yoram Gross Films Studio

    His devious plans were carried out by Serge, a sneaky sea snake who always got blamed when things went wrong, as well as his dim-witted shark henchmen.

    Seven Network / Yoram Gross Films Studio

    There were other characters too, like this old man, this chief and this boy and girl, who were friends with Lopaka. But for the life of me, I cannot remember what their names were.

    Seven Network / Yoram Gross Films Studio

    Sorry, side characters. I do recall that the other young boy had a VERY distinct, grouchy, scratchy voice though.

    As you've probably guessed, Flipper And Lopaka was a loose adaptation of the popular Flipper movies in the States. But it definitely had its own charm too.

    Seven Network / Yoram Gross Films Studio, Universal Pictures

    There was a catchy intro, strong environmental messaging and the series was even shown on Saturday mornings β€” which was peak cartoon watching time.

    Lopaka and Flipper standing off against a mean shark
    Seven Network / Yoram Gross Film Studios

    It truly was an underrated gem. I wish I could watch Flipper And Lopaka again, just to unlock more memories of my childhood and this wholesome show.

    Flipper, Lopaka, Ottie, Ray and Puffy
    Seven Network / Yoram Gross Films Studio

    And hopefully I'm not the only one who watched it as a kid!

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