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    Ranking Australian Christmas Foods From "Hard Pass" To "Put Me In A Food Coma Right Now"

    Mince pies belong in the trash.

    21. Mince pies

    Flickr: umami88

    I'm still surprised that there are people who actually enjoy eating mince pies because they taste like absolute shit. Maybe I've just never had a good one, but for now they'll remain the worst festive food that one could receive on Christmas day.

    20. Fruit cake

    Flickr: california_bakery

    No matter how much custard you add, fruit cake slices are forever dry and on the chewy side. You eat some out of respect (most likely for your dear nan, whose fruit cake recipe comes from a book that's older than you), before moving on to the better dessert options.

    19. Oysters

    Flickr: virany

    I'll admit that I've never tried oysters before and I know that's an immense failing on my adult palate, but the thought of downing some of these at Christmas lunch or dinner doesn't really appeal to me — no matter how fancy it makes me seem.

    18. Cadbury Favourites

    17. Christmas pudding

    Flickr: whodini

    My knowledge of Christmas pudding extends to the range Coles and Woolies makes available each year — and you know what, I really don't mind them. Since you're steaming the pud instead of baking it, it's more likely to be soft and moist, rather than tasting like a hard rock. Plus, it's festive AF, so it gets bonus points for that.

    16. Roast turkey

    15. Chocolate ripple cake

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    Simple, delicious and full of nostalgia, chocolate ripple cake is a solid Christmas food. The only con is that it can be on the heavier side when you've already eaten your weight's worth in ham, prawns, nibbles and the like. 

    14. Pasta salad

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    Pasta salad is a tough one. When it's done well, it tastes like a million bucks and has you going back for seconds and thirds. At the same time, it can be woefully under-seasoned and an odd combination of being soggy, yet super dry. 

    13. Rocky Road

    12. Mashed potato

    11. Trifle

    Flickr: dishingupdelights

    I know trifles have a tendency to be soggy, but there's just something so summery and fun and festive about them! Plus, you can load them up with seasonal fruit, which is the best part about an Aussie Christmas.

    10. Nibbles

    9. Potato gratin

    8. BBQ

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    Nothing says Australian culture more than a good, old Christmas BBQ featuring skewers, snags and seafood. The only downside is that someone needs to volunteer to be the one cooking and standing in front of the hot barbie.

    7. Pavlova

    Flickr: speckled

    You would be hard-pressed to find a more internationally renowned Aussie Christmas dessert than pavlova. It's iconic, it's delicious and it's a crowd favourite. At the same time, it's not the best dessert option — at least, not in my opinion.

    6. Roast potatoes

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    You can't be mad at me for placing roast potatoes so high. They're crispy, full of flavour and you can soak up all the gravy with them too. Yuuuuuum.

    5. Crispy roast pork

    Flickr: saragoldsmith

    While it not be the usual Christmas choice, I'm a whore for some good, crispy pork crackling.

    4. Christmas ham

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    I'll hear no slander about Christmas ham. It's only dry and flavourless because you're cooking it wrong. Slap some herbs in there or do a honey-soy glaze — the possibilities are endless to make it taste good, or even excellent. Plus, if you nail it, you get leftovers for days.

    3. Cob loaf

    2. Fresh fruit, specifically mangoes and cherries

    Flickr: henrybloomfield, @whattanyaate / Via

    Sure, it's simple, but there's nothing — and I repeat, nothing — better than chowing down on some fresh fruit after Christmas lunch or dinner. Whether that's cherries, mangoes, watermelon, grapes — or a platter filled with a bit of everything — fruit remains the best option because it's light, refreshing and pairs perfectly with the hot Aussie weather.

    1. Prawns and dips

    @sstraykitten / Via, @confidentcoeliac / Via

    Is it any surprise that this Australian favourite tops the list? While you may be able to get prawns all around the world, the best Aussie tradition is to be served a platter of them on Christmas day. Then, comes the peeling and dipping into sauces — or enjoying them with a simple squeeze of lemon. Absolutely bloody delicious.