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    What Scene From "Dance Academy" Made You Fall In Love With The Show?

    This was SUCH a good show.

    Looking back, Dance Academy was probably one of the most impactful shows I watched as a teenager.

    A cast photo of the characters of the characters from Dance Academy

    Although it was slightly cringey at times, the characters and storylines were surprisingly complex and delved into a lot of tough issues.

    Kat and Tara holding up Abigail, who is crying

    Plus, I was a sucker for the romance, the drama and, of course, those absolutely incredible dance sequences.

    A photo from one of the Dance Academy studios, with students practising a ballet sequence

    But what I want to know from other fans is, what was your favourite moment from Dance Academy that made you fall in love with the show?

    Dance Academy characters performing a dance sequence in a train carriage

    Maybe it was Tara's goosebump-inducing performance of "Red Shoes" at the Prix de Fonteyn?

    Tara performing "Red Shoes" while on-stage at the Prix de Fonteyn

    Perhaps it was the moment that Sammy dropped his guard and decided to kiss Ollie for the first time?

    Ollie and Sammy kissing

    Or maybe it was something more tragic, like the memorial scene at the beach, where the group paid tribute to Sammy and his bucket list.


    Whether it's something emotional, wholesome, romantic or funny, drop your favourite moment from the entire series below! The best ones will be featured in an BuzzFeed Community post.