21 Hedgehogs That Really Have No Idea How Damn Cute They Are

    My heart, my soul!!!

    1. This adorable hedgehog who's ready to take on Disneyland.

    2. And this little guy who would much rather have a snooze.

    3. This show-stopper who clearly knows how to accessorise.

    4. And this cosy hedgie who much prefers to match with their best friend.

    5. This happy camper who is clearly living their best life.

    6. And this cheeky poser who makes the perfect addition to this springtime photo.

    7. This feisty hedgie who just wants to show off their fangs.

    8. And this tiny rockstar who looks more than ready to strike a pose.

    9. This cosy hedgehog who fits perfectly into the tiniest of spaces.

    10. And this unfortunate critter who underestimated his size.

    11. This playful entertainer who loves having company over.

    12. And this precious hedgie who looks to be a teensy bit camera shy.

    13. This hedgehog who looks nice and cosy in their apple bed.

    14. And this cutie who much prefers to snuggle up in a beanie.

    15. This happy individual who knows how to look good for their special day.

    16. And this adorable hedgie who can instantly brighten up a gloomy day.

    17. This relaxed hedgehog who is enjoying a deluxe bath with bonus bubbles.

    18. And this little guy who looks as happy as can be, wrapped up in those blankets.

    19. This adorable thing that almost looks good enough to eat.

    20. This affectionate hedgie who just wants to be close to it's mum.

    21. And finally, this loyal follower who won't ever leave your side.