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    Your Fave Chupa Chup Flavour Has Been Turned Into Ice Cream And I Can't Imagine Anything More Delicious

    This was the BEST Chupa Chups flavour.

    Guys, remember Chupa Chups? They were all the rage back in the day and for good reason, because they tasted bloody delicious.

    Now, everyone had a favourite flavour, but in my personal opinion the best ones were strawberry and cream, watermelon and cola.

    Well, in a move that's sure to bring some nostalgia into our lives, Bulla have collaborated with Chupa Chups to bless us with...wait for it...strawberry and cream-flavoured ice cream.

    Yep, you read that right. Your favourite Chupa Chups flavour, now in a tasty dairy treat that features strawberry and vanilla ice cream, crushed candy and a delectable strawberry sauce.

    We got our hands on some product — and y'all, this tasted like everything we hoped for. Sweet, delicious and full of childhood memories.

    If you're keen on taste-testing this blast from the past, you can grab the Chupa Chups ice cream from local independent grocers now.

    Otherwise, it's a short sleep until May 2 when you can purchase them from Woolworths.