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    Literally Just 21 Damn Funny Tweets About Tonight's Ep Of "The Bachelor" Australia

    But seriously, WHERE IS VAKOO?!?!


    I don't know what I'm going to do now they're adding 8 more girls. I still haven't learned the names of the first lot. Unless, 'Bridezilla', 'Stage 5 Clinger' and 'The China one' count. #TheBachelorAU


    It’s occurred to me that Emma may be Jarod’s long lost sister. If she doesn’t produce 2 pot plants by the end of this week, I’ll be disappointed. #TheBachelorAU


    Sogand is surprised to find a formal dress in the bush but not an entire string section? #TheBachelorAU



    KRISTEN: I hope I get this date PRODUCERS: Cool, say that again but in Chinese? KRISTEN: It’s not a party trick, Mandarin is actually a complex and beautiful language and... PRODUCERS: Just do it KRISTEN: Wǒ xīwàng wǒ néng dédào zhège yuēhuì #TheBachelorAU #bachelorau


    "diyapash??" - Ancient Australian Saying #TheBachelorAU


    emma sitting there hearing that sogand kissed matt #TheBachelorAU


    “when you see osher you know something bad’s gonna happen” ok but what if one day he just wants to say hi 😔😔 #TheBachelorAU


    Old girls v. New girls... They’ve literally been there 2 nights but okay #TheBachelorAU


    The "new girls" should have been made up of last season's contestants as compensation for having to go through a season with the Honey Badger #TheBachelorAU


    The girls from honeybadger’s season watching Matt’s season #TheBachelorAU


    Abby is shoveling food in her mouth in every shot as the intruders arrive and honestly, this is a mood. #TheBachelorAU


    y’all need to stop ragging on kristen! she’s just china find love #TheBachelorAU


    a blonde white girl appears in bachelor. all the other girls: she’s a copycat of this other blonde white girl. being blonde and white is very rare in this show. #TheBachelorAU


    #TheBachelorAU Danush: I’m Persian. Sogand:


    i don't want to sound like a bitch i don't want to sound like a bitch i don't want to sound like a bitch saying it three times doesn't make you sound any less of a bitch #TheBachelorAU

    17. this the champagne flute they’re all drinking from?! FORGET THE BACHELOR, STUFF ALL THE FLUTES IN YOUR BAGS LADIES #TheBachelorAU


    If I have to hear the phrase "favourite Persian Princess" one more time I think I might spontaneously develop hives #TheBachelorAU


    Okay Abbie opting out of competing for Matt's attention at this cocktail party is a jarring shock of elegant restraint that has no place in this show. #TheBachelorAU


    Me, trying to work out who just left the Bachie Mansion #TheBachelorAU


    Between Matt needing "proof and evidence" when it comes to relationships, a murdery wood location for the first date and Vakoo's disappearance, I'm waiting for the Law & Order: SBU – Special Bachy Unit edition @Channel10AU #TheBachelorAU

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