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    24 Pictures That Show The Difference Between Food In Australia Vs. Food In India

    At the end of the day, they're both delicious and that's what really matters.

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    Hiya! Our names are Isha and Sumedha and we're located in two different BuzzFeed offices β€” Australia and India. While talking one day, we thought it would be fun to compare how different the food is in our respective countries. Here's what we found out!

    BuzzFeeders Isha and Sumedha, from Australia and India, respectively
    Isha Bassi / Sumedha Bharpilania / BuzzFeed

    1. This is a typical breakfast in Australia:

    And here's what you can expect to start your day with in certain parts of India:

    2. This is one of Australia's most iconic beverages:

    And here's the equivalent in India:

    3. This is Australia's version of a crisp and savoury treat:

    And if you're craving something similar in India, here's what you can expect:

    4. This is one of Australia's favourite chocolatey treats:

    And if you want a chocolatey treat in India, here's what you'll be served:

    5. This is every Australian's go-to drunk food:

    And here's what Indians feast on when they've had a few too many:

    6. This is one of Australia's most beloved ice creams:

    And here's India's own version of ice cream:

    7. This is Australia's favourite comfort food:

    And here's what you'll get if you need some TLC in India:

    8. These snacks will remind Australians of their childhood:

    And here are the snacks that will never fail to make Indians nostalgic:

    9. This is one of Australia's weirdest food combos:

    And here's the same, but in India:

    10. Here's something you can only get at McDonald's β€” or Macca's β€” in Australia:

    And here's something that's unique to McDonald's in India:

    11. This is every Aussie's biscuit of choice to dunk in a hot bevvie, or eat by itself.

    And here's the sort of biscuit you would be dipping into your chai in India.

    12. This is what Australians think of when you say chips:

    And here's what comes to mind in India: