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    21 Photos That Show What 'Real' Australian Food Looks Like For The Rest Of The World

    "A six pack and a meat pie. The true seven-course meal."

    The definition of Australian cuisine has always been hotly debated — especially since we don't mind cherry-picking from other cultures, resulting in a fusion-style of cooking.

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    Let's not get started on the whole Oz vs. NZ pav debate.

    But there are some essential characteristics most of us can agree upon, which is exactly what Reddit user u/BohrInReddit found out when they asked for Australia's unofficial food and drink.

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    So, according to Australians, here are the foods and drinks that deserve a prime spot when people ask about our national cuisine.

    1. "A six pack and a meat pie. The true seven-course meal."


    2. "Milo and lamington."


    3. "Sausage laid diagonally on bread with tomato sauce and whatever beer is cheapest at that particular moment."


    "Also, it has to be the cheapest white bread they can find, and ideally served in a car park."


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    4. "Sausage sanga and cheap soft drink from Bunnings."


    5. "Fairy bread is the only answer."


    6. "Party pies and a fuckin' VB long neck, ya dog cunt."


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    7. "Surprised that I only saw one person say chicken parmigiana (I don’t want to start a debate on how to abbreviate the name)."


    8. "Lemon, lime and bitters."


    9. "Red frogs and (insert beer name — any will do).


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    10. "Goon and Winnie Blues."


    11. "Those cheap chocolate mud cakes with the white chocolate lines on top from Coles/Woolies."


    12. "Vegemite."


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    13. "Potato scallops."


    "You mean potato cakes? ;)" 


    14. "Chicken, anything chicken or chicken flavoured. Pies, biscuits, chips, roast chook, schnitzel, chicken salt, lemon chicken etc."


    15. "Coffee and avocado toast."


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    16. "Woolies roast chook and bread rolls. The drink depends on the social situation — beer/coke/flavoured milk."


    17. "Sausage roll and a Dare Iced Coffee. God’s food on a Saturday morning, heading to an early morning kick-off."


    "The offical food of the Australian building industry."


    18. "National food would be a chiko roll."


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    19. "Honestly, I feel like our national food should be, like, takeaway pad Thai or something."


    20. "Lamb on the barbie with salads and pav for dessert. Can’t wait for summer!"


    21. "Halal snack pack. Originated in Australia with delicious Arabic fusion."


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    Reddit responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.

    What other food and drink deserve to be part of Australia's national cuisine?