Aussies Are Sharing Their Experiences Of Trying American Target For The First Time And Guys, It's So Much Better Than What We Have Here

    Being able to buy fresh produce in a Target?! Now THAT'S a concept.

    Being an Australian that has international friends, I've often heard about the mythical wonders that live inside American Target.

    This was all but confirmed when I stumbled on Emily Hodder's TikTok of her exploring and experiencing an American Target for the very first time.

    Now, first, some context. We have Target in Australia — it has the same logo, the same branding, the same aesthetic, but it is in no way related to the American retailer.

    That doesn't mean it's bad per se — it's still a shop that sells clothes, makeup, shoes, homewares and other knick knacks. But over the years it's tried to become a bit more luxe (resulting in higher pricing), which has turned off some customers.

    You're more likely to see Australians flock to Kmart, which is, once again, not at all similar to American Kmart. Instead of being a desolate dumping ground that looks like something you would see in a post-apocalyptic video game, it is the perfect one-stop shop for every occasion.

    Okay, back to the TikTok. In the first second of the video, you can overhear Emily saying "This is what we've been waiting for!", which is honestly a huge Australian tourist mood.

    The video then shows off American Target's incredible makeup range, as well as the fact that you can buy vinyls there too.

    But the thing that shocked me the most was that you can get fresh produce in American Target.

    Like, I'm talking milk, fruit, vegetables — it's basically a Coles, which is one of Australia's biggest supermarket chains.

    Plus, there's a billion snack options, including shelves filled with Oreos, Pop Tarts and more sugary cereal options than you know what to do with.

    As well as a stationary corner that, according to Emily and her friend, brings back childhood memories of watching back to school hauls from American YouTubers.

    Also, I need to mention the fact that this particular Target has multiple levels?! I don't know if that's normal or not in the States, but no wonder the selection is so huge.

    Americans in the comments were delighted to see Australians fangirl over Target. But they also pointed out that the one Emily visited in the city doesn't compare to the suburban stores, which are much bigger.

    Others sounded off their confusion when they visited Australia and mistook our Target for the same thing, resulting in a huge letdown.

    My mind was already blown seeing what a city Target looks like in the USA, so now I'm wondering what wonders and excitement stores in the suburbs contain.

    Either way, American Targets are way cooler than Australian Targets. But at least we have Kmart, which is our unique, Aussie wonder that Americans need to experience.

    Shoutout to Emily for documenting her experience! Be sure to give her a follow if you enjoyed her video.