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5 Things Your Boyfriend DOESN'T Want For Valentine's Day

Guys are impossible to shop for…that’s an acknowledged fact of life. But when it comes to Valentine’s Day, this is the toughest day of all to figure out what to get him. Whether he is hard to shop for or you are just bad at paying attention to what he likes, we have the top 5 things NOT to get him this Valentine’s Day.

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5. Love Coupons

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They are typically for a “hug, sex, kiss, massage”, etc. whenever he wants…they are also typically stupid. Handmade coupons are reserved for 5 years olds who give their parents free chores and good behavior for a week.

4. Monogramed Glasses

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There is nothing that can immediately make a party weird than when he hands his friends drinks with his monograms on them. Unless he is 65+ or incredibly self obsessed, this gift is just meh.

3. Dogs

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Dogs are great! But unless your boyfriend is financially stable enough for a dog, then this is a HUGE no-no. Dogs are so much work, and you could be creating more chores than enjoyment. So thanks for that.

2. Flowers / Via

I love getting flowers as much as the next girl...but unless your boyfriend is a die hard romantic, this is a bad gift. What the hell is he supposed to do with them? Oh...he can make him and his roommates a centerpiece for their table after he finishes watching the latest Gossip Girl episode.

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