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4 Important Life Stages Your College Alma Mater Should Host

College is by far the best time of your life, so why not comeback to the most exciting place of your life to host your major life events. This list will hands down convince you to celebrate your life goals back at your Alma Mater like a underclassman again.

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1. Have A Wedding Where it All Began.

Hey let's be honest you found your special somebody at some frat or sorority party after a couple drinks ; ) and now you two are about to get hitched after college. So why not get married at the special place you first met. Also having a wedding at your Alma Mater is most likely more affordable due to Alumni discounts.

2. Having Your Kid's Baptism

No No No. I know what you are thinking, "There is no way in hell I am letting my baby get baptized at my college. What are they going to do dip him/her in a pool of Natty Light." Trust me that will not happen. Most colleges have trained pastors/ priests that can preform baptisms and the venues are churches or can become one.

3. Family Reunions

Most likely a lot of your family members did not see your college. So why not host your family reunion at your Alma Mater. You can rent out parts of your college which will allow you to have access to fields, courts and catering, while having the over all enjoyment of being at college again.

4. Have Your Baby Shower

Just imagine all the creative things you can put on your invitations like "A baby is brewing" . Oh man sign my future wife up ASAP. But back on topic; most colleges have facilities that you can rent out for your party, also the college can cater.

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