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    Hayley Williams Is The Best Artist Of All Time, And Here Are 12 Reasons To Prove It

    Round of applause for the woman of the hour :)

    Celebrating the release of her debut solo album, I've rounded up the reasons why Hayley Williams from Paramore is the most inspiring person in the music industry.

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    1. She has guts.

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    Hayley and her friends started Paramore in 2004, when she was only 15 years old. At the time, she was also the only girl in the group and one of the few women on the modern-day rock scene. Sixteen years later, it is crystal clear that drive has not left her body. She is currently promoting her first solo album, Petals for Armor.

    2. She is the epitome of self-expression.

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    Through the years Hayley has charmed us with some fascinatingly colorful looks. The one thing they have in common is the range of self-expression each of them conveys. They were always a reflection of where she was standing in life. The singer strongly believes in the creativity of self-expression as a therapeutical tool leading to emotional survival.

    3. She is very much real.

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    If she's half as good as it gets, I bet we can all die happy now.

    Hayley has never appeared to the public as a misleading figment creation of a record label. She's always been very true about her music and the path she has created for it. To me, Hayley is so authentic because she's never tried to hide the fact she is as much skin and bones as the next person. Not once has she got cold feet when discussing real human issues — and the shitty reality that is life at times.

    4. Hayley and Paramore's post self-titled era was a true gift.

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    Although we all loved the half-pink/half-orange superhero from the self-titled album, After Laughter presented itself with a beautiful and earthly upgrade. Hayley now seems so grown-up and grounded, and it was a wonderful transformation to witness.

    5. Her hair dye brand, Good Dye Young, proves that she can truly do it all.

    6. Her vocal talent is unparalleled.

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    This beautiful human can really sing. The control in her voice and her ability to perform live are both completely insane in the best way. She's also extremely gifted in transmitting emotion. Hayley will turn tears of joy into heartfelt tears with just a couple of chords.

    7. Her speaking voice is very soothing.

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    She has such a beautiful, soothing voice. If Hayley ever started recording a podcast I would immediately get clear skin, forget about my anxiety and my back pain would disappear!

    8. She has such a kind aura and seems so humbled.

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    The singer is an outstanding frontwoman, mainly because she is such a nice and caring friend. Hayley is very protective and supportive of the people around her and this can be fully appreciated throughout the evolution of Paramore.

    9. Hayley Williams will not be silenced.

    10. She writes relatable songs.

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    Hayley's love of music is also a means of catharsis, thus offering fans deeply relatable songs to survive our individual realities, as tragic or rosy as they might be. She, along with bandmate and friend Taylor York, have often worked together to make songs that have touched the hearts of so many fans.

    11. She brings people together.

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    Hayley has a talent for bringing people together, mainly beacause she likes to be surrounded by her loved ones. In this way, she has created a life-long family out of everything she's ever been a part of — whether it's the band, the hair dye company, or the fans she's managed to connect with along the way.

    And we're most certainly ready to dive back in!

    12. And finally, Hayley encourages fans to dream.

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    Countless lyrics behind Hayley's songs talk about the importance of dreaming. Although living in the present might be a key point to facing reality, keeping dreams alive is just as important. This is especially meaningful when hard times kick in and the prospect of happier times in the future is the only thing that gives us strength to move on. Being able to visualize our heart's strongest desires and work toward acquiring them is a virtue we must never cease to cultivate.

    "They say that dreaming is free but I wouldn't care what it cost me" — Paramore's song "26"

    Overall, Hayley appears to her fans as a very down-to-earth artist, almost like a big sister who has had the opportunity to experience life ahead and teach us about it through her songs. She's the everlasting friendship that is ready to offer her comfort and encourage you when the world has selfishly turned its back.

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