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    22 Photos That'll Prove The Philippines Is Nothing Like Singapore

    Whoever told you that is lying to you. I got receipts!

    1. Singaporeans caring for their environment:

    2. Filipinos caring for their environment:

    3. ATMs in Singapore:

    4. ATMs in the Philippines:

    5. Events in Singapore:

    6. Events in the Philippines:

    7. Singaporean political leaders on the youth:

    “Only then can the leaders and the people work together to set new directions for Singapore, and create new possibilities for the future,” he said.

    8. Filipino political leaders on the youth:

    Twitter: @rapplerdotcom

    "If the youth can't take public transport, then they can walk." ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    9. Corruption in Singapore:

    10. Corruption in the Philippines:

    11. Traffic in Singapore:

    12. Traffic in the Philippines:

    13. Bus stops in Singapore:

    14. Bus stops in the Philippines:

    15. Trains in Singapore:

    16. Trains in the Philippines:

    17. Global ratings of Singapore:

    18. Global ratings of the Philippines:

    19. Cleaning up the Singapore River:

    Twitter: @1819_sg

    It was done in 1984 and has been clean since then.

    20. Cleaning up the Pasig River:

    Twitter: @lopezlinkph

    It was done N-years ago and still so fucking dirty to this day.

    21. And finally, crime rate in Singapore:

    22. Crime rate in the Philippines:

    Twitter: @lahingpnoy


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