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    22 Photos That'll Prove The Philippines Is Nothing Like Singapore

    Whoever told you that is lying to you. I got receipts!

    1. Singaporeans caring for their environment:

    2. Filipinos caring for their environment:

    3. ATMs in Singapore:

    4. ATMs in the Philippines:

    5. Events in Singapore:

    6. Events in the Philippines:

    7. Singaporean political leaders on the youth:

    8. Filipino political leaders on the youth:

    9. Corruption in Singapore:

    10. Corruption in the Philippines:

    11. Traffic in Singapore:

    12. Traffic in the Philippines:

    13. Bus stops in Singapore:

    14. Bus stops in the Philippines:

    15. Trains in Singapore:

    16. Trains in the Philippines:

    17. Global ratings of Singapore:

    18. Global ratings of the Philippines:

    19. Cleaning up the Singapore River:

    20. Cleaning up the Pasig River:

    21. And finally, crime rate in Singapore:

    22. Crime rate in the Philippines: