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    20 Filipino Food Quirks That Pinoys Don't Realize Are Weird

    Eating pansit for long life because logic.

    1. Dipping pan de sal in hot coffee as you would do with Oreos in milk.

    2. Soaking rice in soup like you would do with cereals in milk.

    3. Eating rice for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Sometimes even as a snack.

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    4. Having pansit on your birthday and eating the long noodles because it apparently brings a longer life.

    5. Only using one glass for alcohol (aka tagay) when drinking with your barkada.

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    Because contagious illnesses are only good when they're shared.

    6. Adding sugar to spaghetti to make it sweet, or should I say, Filipino-style.

    Del Monte

    Italians are SHOOK!

    7. And of course, adding chopped hot dogs into the sauce too!

    8. Pairing sweet rice cake with savory pig's blood stew.

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    Hey, don't knock it โ€™til you've tried it.

    9. Eating champorado (chocolate rice porridge) with tuyo (salty dried fish).

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    It's like eating a salted caramel but 99,999x better.

    10. Treating gravy at KFC like it's a soup.

    11. Calling street food ridiculous names like "Adidas" for grilled chicken feet.

    12. "Helmet" for chicken heads.

    13. And "betamax" for grilled coagulated blood.

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    As if grilled chicken feet, chicken heads, and coagulated blood aren't already weird on their own.

    14. Putting soft drinks โ€” you know, soda โ€” in plastic bags and sipping it from there through a straw.

    15. Buying water from the sari-sari store and getting it in a plastic bag meant for ice, hence the name "ice tubig."

    16. Spreading a nationwide rumor that siopaos are made from cat's meat.

    17. Two words: BANANA KETCHUP.

    18. Having skewered hot dogs and marshmallows as handa for your birthday.

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    You'll see it at every children's birthday party.

    19. Milkfish-flavored chips.

    20. And finally, having food come to you instead of getting it yourself.

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    That's if you don't miss the fleeting moment they come to your doorstep.