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21 Struggles Filipinos Forgot They Had 15 Years Ago

Life was hard.

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1. Losing your song hits to a classmates na "nanghiram lang."

And not being able to subtweet about it.
Isabelle Laureta / BuzzFeed

And not being able to subtweet about it.

2. Not getting to the color level you want on the SRA Reading Lab a.k.a. the caste system of the 2000s.

3. Taking a crappy photo and not being able to fix it because, girl, napa-develop mo na.

Isabelle Laureta / BuzzFeed

4. Or getting your finger on the way of the camera lens and not realizing it before it's too late.

Isabelle Laureta / BuzzFeed

5. Getting a sore throat from eating too much Milo powder but not being able to stop because tangina nakakaadik kaya.

Focus Features / BuzzFeed

6. LITERALLY not being able to put down your drink kasi sa pwet mo tinusok 'yung tetra pack.

"Bes, hold my zest-o."
Twitter: @charengtweets

"Bes, hold my zest-o."

7. Taking the wrapper off of these motherfuckers.

8. Having dial-up internet fuck with your kalandian.

ABS CBN / BuzzFeed

9. Choosing the perfect WordArt for your homework.

Isabelle Laureta / BuzzFeed

10. Believing your sibling when they said "five minutes lang" when they borrowed your brick game.


11. Solving the ring puzzle you got from Baguio.

12. Shitting your pants by trying to be a Super Saiyan.

Fuji TV

13. Magmukang tanga sa harap ng TV while trying to help Goku with all your energy.

14. Figuring out paano mo bubuhayin 'yung partner mo sa 10-20.

15. Checking your tamagotchi after school and finding out it died while you were away.

16. Looking for the perfect rock for your pamato.

VH1 / BuzzFeed

17. Walking around with wet cuffs on your elephant pants during rainy season:

Ginusto mo 'yan. Panindigan mo.

Ginusto mo 'yan. Panindigan mo.

18. 'Yung hindi mo naabutan 'yung anime sa hapon kasi classroom cleaner ka for the day.

19. Or hindi mo mapanood 'yung cartoons sa umaga kasi hindi ka pang-hapon sa school.

TV Tokyo

20. Applying a hair gel that's not up to youre pamatay-ng-butiki standards.

21. And finally, not being able to get this goddamn song out of your head.

It's playing in your head right now and I'm very sorry.

It's playing in your head right now and I'm very sorry.

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