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San Miguel Pale Pilsen Is The Best Beer Ever, Don't Fight Me On This

Shots fired. (Pun intended)

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Sure, San Miguel Pale Pilsen has a "dad" or "pang-tatay" reputation, mainly because mostly dads or tatays drink it.

And some people claim they're too ~hip~ to be drinking such a grubby drink.

Starbucks x San mig apple 💘💘💘 he he🙈😂

But is it really that bad? Consider, if you will, Pale Pilsen, and the many reasons it's actually the best drink ever.

Opening a bottle of Pale before reading beyond this point is optional but highly encouraged.


And it's not that hard to find.

Just go to your suking tindahan.

It makes any kwentuhan about life even better.

"Uy nakaka-cool at nakaka-hipster ang pale pilsen!!" (@crlrys @JieMungcal) LOL wish you were here @rhizonsdotcom

But it's also just as good when enjoyed solo.

The distinct taste says, "No, you're not gonna get wasted, but yeah sure, go ahead and have fun."

It's perfect for delicate turn-ups.


It's plain and simple.

Unpretentious with none of that flavored, low-calorie stuff. Like a perfect bae.

And I mean anything.

Mejo badboy sorry po, chill lang, pale pilsen at buko salad👌😅😭


It tastes best when it's ice-cold.

Which means it's perfect for the tropical Philippine weather.

I mean, it's only being imported in over 40 countries, so no big deal.

フィリピンSan MiguelのビールPale Pilsen(ピルスナー)を飲んでるナウ。何年ぶりかなあぁー。

And none other than Jet Li endorses it.

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Jet Fucking Li, everyone.

The fact it's been around for generations says a lot about how good San Mig is.

I hope it doesn't run out of Pale Pilsen up there. Happy Birthday, grandpop! I wish I was home.

Our lolos can't be wrong, amirite?

Because iba pa rin talaga kapag may pinagsamahan.

Right? O, tagay na!