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    16 Filipino Drunk Foods The Rest Of The World Needs Right Now

    Go sisig or go home!

    1. This simple but rustic lugaw, a rice porridge that'll warm you up inside.

    Flickr: pixeleden / Creative Commons

    2. This goto that will make your drunk ass tastebuds go to heaven.

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    It's basically like lugaw, but with ox tripe which makes it 10000% times better.

    3. Or this arroz caldo which uses chicken as the main meat for that extra protein goodness your hammered self needs the next morning.

    Flickr: 23pixels / Creative Commons

    4. Pair all these congees off with a greasy bowl of tokwa (fried tofu) and baboy (fried pork belly).

    5. Talk about greasy—there's nothing quite like a sizzling plate of sisig.

    Flickr: julianparaiso / Creative Commons

    6. This light chicken soup called mami that'll make you wanna drunk call your Mommy and tell her you love her.

    7. If you looking for a late night grub after some drinks, beef pares is the one for you. Beef stew + light soup = glorious.

    8. OK, so you wake up from a night out and you start craving something wholesome that’ll fill you up. Tapsilog is the way to go: beef marinated in soy sauce and garlic, eggs, and garlic rice.

    9. Or if you’re looking for something easier to digest but will still kick your hangover’s ass, try champorado. It’s basically a chocolate rice porridge, which, if it's not the perfect rice porridge, then I dunno what is.

    Flickr: guccibear2005 / Creative Commons

    10. Lomi will also help you save your soul from the pits of alcohol hell.

    Flickr: hulagway / Creative Commons

    11. But if you really wanna go hard, give bulalo a try. It’s a bone marrow soup with lots of veggies—a great meal while contemplating your life decisions.

    Flickr: 124148974@N03 / Creative Commons

    12. Or go with the classic sinigang, a sour based soup, that’ll bring your dehydrated body back to life.

    Flickr: pixeleden / Creative Commons

    13. Dunk some buns of pandesal into a steaming cup of coffee while you swear never to get drunk ever again (LMAO).

    14. This bowl of La Paz batchoy, a noodle soup with pork innards and crushed pork cracklings, will make you not want to puke it out because of how good it is.

    Flickr: biagkensiak / Creative Commons

    15. Try this milky based chicken macaroni soup called sopas to heal any internal wounds caused by all the embarrassment you've done the previous night.

    16. And finally, a bowl of papaitan, a bitter based soup, will comfort you as you remember texting your ex a mixture of salty and bitter 4-page message while you were drunk.

    Twitter: @jeshwehey / Creative Commons

    LET'S DRINK!!!

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