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21 Filipino Food Items We'll Probably Never Get To Eat Again

Walang forever.

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15. Zip! Orange juice drink / Twitter: @search

For some bizarre reason, I couldn't find a photo of this pyramid-ic juice drink anywhere on the internet, but it looks just like the photo above. And it's not just me! At least three people on Twitter remember it, too! Hah!

16. Pizza-flavored Pringles

It's still available in other countries and you can probably still find some at the imported food section in supermarkets, but not everybody has that kind of privilege, you know?

21. Original peach mango pie

You thought the Peach Mango Pie you ate for dessert today has been like that all along? Did you? WRONG. The original one was longer and, in effect, more satisfying. I wish I was only making this up for the sake of sexual innuendoes, but I'm not. RIP, long peach mango pie.


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