21 Filipino Food Items We’ll Probably Never Get To Eat Again

Walang forever.

1. Tini Wini cookies

Sad to say, our future kids won’t ever have this as baon. They’re apparently repackaged and are now called Sumo, but we all know it will never be the same!

2. Green apple Mirinda

No more green tongues from this tart soda.

3. Pepsi blue

They’re apparently only available in select 7-11 branches and limited sari-sari stores, but honestly, I haven’t seen one since high school.

4. Pepsi twist

“Pepsi with a kiss of lemon”??? More like Pepsi with a kiss of goodbye. :(

5. Fanta

All the exciting flavors are gone now.

6. E-aji dip snacks

We’ll never dip our chips the same way again.

7. Oval-shaped Ovalteenies

Yes, I know Ovalteenies still exist, but they don’t come shaped the way they should be anymore — oval. OVALteenies nga eh!

8. Flat tops in a twist-y wrapper

They repackaged their wrappers and you now have you use your teeth to open them, SMH.

9. Nestlé Non-stop

Philippine Daily Inquirer Archives

Kala ko ba “non-stop”??? :——(

10. Presto Funwich

It’s like, “Presto!!!” and just like that, it’s gone from our lives forever.

11. Safari chocolate


Probably need to search a real safari to get a hold of this one again.

12. TofiLuk


GoodLuk looking for some TofiLuk in this day and age.

13. Serg’s chocolate

Serg’s Products Inc. filed for bankruptcy in the early 2000s. :(

14. Maggi instant curly spaghetti


We’re now back to our sophisticated, al dente pasta-eating selves.

15. Zip! Orange juice drink

For some bizarre reason, I couldn’t find a photo of this pyramid-ic juice drink anywhere on the internet, but it looks just like the photo above. And it’s not just me! At least three people on Twitter remember it, too! Hah!

16. Pizza-flavored Pringles

It’s still available in other countries and you can probably still find some at the imported food section in supermarkets, but not everybody has that kind of privilege, you know?

17. Humpy Dumpy corn chips

We still have Humpy Dumpy but not in the same packaging (and taste) anymore.

18. McRice burger


Remember when we all thought this was weird but went ahead and ordered it anyway??

19. KFC Go-Go sandwich


Yes, I know, we have Twister now which is basically the same concept, but Go-Go sandwich landed on our hearts (and tastebuds) first.

20. Jollibee choco mallow pie


I love you, Jollibee, but why’d you have to break our hearts like this?

21. Original peach mango pie

You thought the Peach Mango Pie you ate for dessert today has been like that all along? Did you? WRONG. The original one was longer and, in effect, more satisfying. I wish I was only making this up for the sake of sexual innuendoes, but I’m not. RIP, long peach mango pie.

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