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    14 Delicious Dinners You Can Make In A Clay Pot

    A palayok is an earthenware food prep tool in the Philippines. Think easy one-pot meals for life.

    1. Bulanglang

    2. Pinaupong Manok

    3. Paksiw na Bangus

    4. Kare-kare

    5. Claypot Adobo

    6. Chicken Kinulob with Bacon

    7. Stewed Yellowfin Tuna in Coconut Milk

    8. Pork Humba with Sugarcane Sticks

    9. Sinaing na Tulingan

    10. Lechon Paksiw

    11. Igado

    12. Chicken Tarragon

    13. Braised Tofu

    14. Pinakbet