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25 "Friends" GIFs That Anyone Who Lives In The Philippines Will Relate To

The one with all the adobo.

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Isabelle Laureta / BuzzFeed / NBC

1. When the jeepney driver doesn't hear you say "para po!" for the millionth time.

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2. And when the barker says "kasya pa isa!" when clearly, it's not.

3. When you're stuck in EDSA traffic.

4. And when you get out of the MRT during Friday rush hour.

5. When you've had six cups of rice at Mang Inasal.

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6. But when there's no rice during a meal.

7. And when the cashier at Jollibee tells you sold out na 'yung Chicken Joy.

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8. When there's no tabo in the CR.

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9. When somebody says "Pssst!" in a crowded place.

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10. When it's brownout na naman.

11. Going home and realizing there's leftover sinigang.

12. When your song finally plays on the karaoke.

13. When the pair you've been rooting for in a telenovela finally kiss.

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14. The first time your tito asked you to take a shot of San Miguel Pale Pilsen.

15. And when your titas ask you about your career/lovelife.

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16. When the government declares a special non-working holiday.

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17. When you bought too much pasalubong on vacation and you were told to remove excess baggage.

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18. When somebody asks for your opinion whether or not Manny Pacquiao should retire from boxing.

19. When you find out there's an SM 3-day sale.

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20. But then you realize the stuff you actually want aren't part of the sale.

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21. When you're forced to take a shower when there's a typhoon.

22. When somebody says they're gonna be late.

23. When your crush asks you out and the first thing they say is "open ka ba sa networking?"

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24. When you hear someone making fun of Filipinos.

25. But then you come up with the perfect comeback.

Because, pakshet, no one makes fun of your people.