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21 Delicious Filipino Breakfasts That Are Actually Hangover Cures

Magandang umaga!

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1. Tapsilog

Flickr: jeneawhat / Creative Commons

What it is: Marinated beef, egg, and fried rice.

Why it's awesome: The classic soy sauce marinade makes everything better. It's perfect for when you want to kickstart your day with something good or when you're nursing a hangover. Recipe here.

2. Longsilog

Flickr: chipsillesa / Creative Commons

What it is: Pinoy-style sausages (longganisa) with egg and fried rice.

Why it's awesome: The taste of the sausages may vary from region to region, but one thing remains the same: "Extra rice pa nga!" Recipe here and here.


13. Pandesal at Kape

What it is: A simple bread roll with strong coffee.

Why it's awesome: Before Oreos dunked in milk, Filipinos had pandesal and coffee. Perfect for those quick bites before school or work. Recipe here.

16. Bibingka

Flickr: bobaubuchon / Creative Commons

What it is: Rice cake made from rice flour and coconut milk.

Why it's awesome: Filipinos traditionally eat bibingka during Christmastime, every after Misa de Gallo so it has been a usual breakfast item at Yuletide season. Recipe here.


18. Suman at Mangga

What it is: Sticky rice cake in coconut milk partnered with ripe mangoes.

Why it's awesome: The rice cake (suman) is usually bland that's why it's usually eaten with sweet fruit or tablea. Recipe here.